One day to go! Story nearly ready for launch.

  I’m still on track to finish editing my story this weekend. I had quite a few hours cut out today because I went out and actually socialized with some old friends (and a few current). Sometime tomorrow afternoon I’ll be able to deliver my story to Amazon and hopefully Monday morning it will be available. This will be the first long form story that I’ll have for sale.

  This is a bit exciting for me. After it is up I’m going to need to work on my marketing to get it out there. I’m not expecting it to be very successful but it will be a stepping stone for future works. Most writers that I adore became fairly popular considerably older than I am now. So I’ve got plenty of time to write and to publish and hope that along the way I build up a bit of fandom or whatever it might end up being.

  Tomorrow we’ll have a real update. I had hoped to have a nice one today and I missed out on yesterday but its largely been because I’ve actually been busy. I’ll also be doing another gameplay stream tomorrow. Lots of things going on. Life is like a hurricane after all.

D-D-Danger. Watch behind you! There’s a stranger out to find you!