OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

//OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

Man, I bet when you saw the title of this you were so amped. It is often said that there are two subjects that are utterly off limits, religion and politics. The people who say this are stupid and should be shocked with a car battery.

Now if you are going to enter politics or are even thinking about entering politics you need to sit down and say things in some recorded fashion that utterly ruin you in future election campaigns. So that is what this is! I want to run for Congress when I am 30 and so I feel it is my duty to blab my true feelings right now and have them come back to haunt me.

But why? Why would I do this? Honestly because if that’s all folks got, digging around weblogs from 2012, they are really boned and I figure that’ll say more about my opponents than me. See folks, that last sentence, that was projection. What I did was I immediately accused future people of a certain thing so that when they, possibly legitimately, responded with “actually that’s you that that describes.” it looks like a grade school “nuh-uh! You are!” situation.

Projection is extremely popular and is one of the most common modern tricks in politics. Watch any debate or any 24 hour news station and you’ll see it from almost every single person. Anywho! Now that I’ve shown you I am an expert at spin and deception I would like to get down to the details.

What I’m about to say is grossly oversimplified but it gives you the basic idea of what I consider the roles of the Government and of the people living under that Government. There are going to be things that seem obvious to you that I am forgetting but that is mostly because half a cup of coffee mixed with half a cup of chocolate almond milk does not a genius make. It does however make a bitchin’ cup of coffee. Onward!

The Government, any government anywhere, has three major tasks and it must complete these three tasks or else it is a bad government. Not only bad but unjust and immoral. These three things are providing solid education and training to all its citizens, healthcare to all its citizens, and finally providing protection to all its citizens. Not a thing less, now you’ll notice that the first two were very specific and the last one was wholly balls vague. That’s the kind of line you hear at a stump speech “I value protection!” I’m sure you do random fantasy candidate! I’ll describe it further shortly.

These three things are critically essentially and without them all governments fail. I do not mean that metaphorically, every failed city state in human history collapsed because it could not supply one or all of these three things. All of them, every last one, now you might be thinking of one that seemed to fall for a different reason but I’m going to argue that this is not the case. What’s that? I don’t have a history degree and shouldn’t be so bold?

This is ‘Merica! You commie! [Mmm, delicious McCarthyism.]

But why do the governments who do not supply these fail? Why would any government not want any of these things? This almost always comes back to individual greed and the nature of imbalance. I’m not entirely sure I’ll cover everything but I’ll give it a shot. In all societies that use a mercantile system, which I think is all of them, you have a situation of economic gravitation.

But what is economic gravitation? I created this term literally just now and am going to coin the shit out of it. Economic gravitation is not dissimilar to normal gravitation, and it involves the nature of funds to congregate in spots that have higher levels of currency than other locations. This gravitation grows and grows, those dense areas of revenue begin to suck up more and more funds.

Eventually you have catastrophic amounts of revenue stuck in single locations where the funds do not escape, save for some light radiation. Stephen Hawking has Hawking radiation, I’m jacking the Walker radiation.

One of the major reasons for this is that, as so many rappers have noted, more money means more power. More power means more influence and more influence means an easier time manipulating the markets to increase revenue streams to further increase revenue, then power, then influence, and repeat. This is a closed system that will continue ad infinitum, that is until the economy it is based around collapses.

It is these large dense sources of money that are literally the sole source of any of the above 3 essentials being ignored. These are the only entities in the trade system that benefit from any of these options lacking. In the case of education you want those with the least amount of revenue to also have the bare bottom education possible, this will keep them from making informed decisions and makes them much easier to manipulate.

A stupid population is a controlled one. This is the essence of starving education.

Keeping the healthcare system in your country at bare bones is also a very powerful strategic tool for these economic black holes, when healthcare costs are high you are more likely to keep the population more concerned with crushing debt from medical bills or from fear of disease or famine. If you have compounded this with a poor education you can use the fear of  death to manipulate people in ways that make organized religions hard with envy [oh no, he didn’t just say that, there goes his election].

But then what about protection? This one is a little more broad. Protection covers a healthy and reasonable military (something we don’t have), it covers the expectation and delivery of housing at prices that match income (something we don’t have), and it covers the general expectation and delivery of all systems that are integral with security. Regulating businesses, regulating resource use, regulating construction and environmental impacts are all examples of protection. These are crucial because the nature of business is for money to aggregate and for those aggregates to become disconnected with the impact of their actions. A government is not a business and should never be seen as such.

So what is then the job of the citizen? Under a government that provides all of the above there are a few tasks of every good citizen. You must be willing to pay taxes, taxes are the source of revenue that drives the engine of the government. They keep you safe and healthy and you keep them running, this symbiosis is perfect. Taxes should not come from sources that improve the community. Home ownership is a positive actions as it shows support of your region or nation, having a job is a positive action and improves your region or nation. The main sources of revenue from taxation should come from business, either through taxation of industry and commerce or from sales taxes. The business and industrial sectors get the protection and support of the government and in return they invest in the government, just as the citizens spend their income from being good citizens and the sales tax from those luxury purchases further leads to perpetuating this system.

Secondly, a citizen must make all reasonable attempts to abide by the laws of their country and/or make a concerted effort to change those that are no longer valid. If a person can manage to be active in law making as well as abiding by those laws made and enforced, while also paying taxes, you shouldn’t see many if any cases where there are problems.

So that’s it, as far as I can tell. Citizens should pay taxes and be good (no brainer) and the government should supply Healthcare, Education, and Protection. There is nothing stopping businesses form doing these things as well but they must do them within the law and they may never stop the government from providing these things. Business is about profits and the Government is about symbiosis, healthcare, education, and protection should never be profit based systems. Receiving these from non-profits must always be available and must always be expected.

babyotters  All else leads to national collapse. The nature of economic gravitation allows for no other conclusion. This is why we must have regulation and why we cannot privatize the government or privatize these three sectors exclusively. We must not, ever. [Though we currently are and this is why this nation, along with all others, is unjust and must be changed.]

So that’s that! Now you know my thoughts! I’m going to be totally flattered if I end up seeing this in a black and white commercial in a few years.

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