Operation 52 has it’s own page!

//Operation 52 has it’s own page!

Operation 52 has it’s own page!

  Well I wrote this whole entry already but then I tapped the wrong combination of buttons and instantly cleared the whole darn thing. I’m not very fond or programs not just saving a draft regardless of me hitting “no” when it asks me. Just do it by default and let me turn that off in menus. But I digress…Operation 52 has it’s own page now. The table is entirely broken at the moment so I’ll need to fix that tomorrow. Maybe get my HTML hero to fix it for me.

  As for my normal life I believe that tomorrow I will discuss Magic: The Gathering strategies for those of us that play on a budget. I recently read an article on their site that suggested playing decks for the weekend, which I support, however their examples would cost the user upwards of 500 dollars to play. Yes…I can see how I’d want 8 60 dollar cards for a “fun deck”. At any rate, it was kind of obnoxious. I like cards that are financially friendly and have lots of creativity breeding in them. For instance I’ll throw in a teaser, with this lovely card for 35 cents near Mint.


Infections can be fun!

  What this lovely card provides you with is a relatively inexpensive equipment card, both mana cost wise and equip wise, that forces your opponent to block the creature that you are using it on. If a player has 10 or more poison counters on themselves they’ll instantly lose. This means they can only take 5 punches to the face, that’s assuming I equip this to a 0/1. However they’ve got even less if I equip it to anything else.

  It has come into play in my modular deck because it has two lovely results. It forces my opponent to take heed of that very large modular creature that has grown and it also gives me the ability to pop any creature with its unattached effect, for those that don’t know creatures with Modular put all the 1/1 counters that are on them onto another artifact creature when they die. I like being able to control when my creatures die so this gives me an out for that. I tend to find that I get an Arcbound Stinger out on Turn 2 and I’ve got this equipped to it by turn 4 or 5, it’s not rocket speed but that’s generally worst case scenario.

Ooh! Pretty Ball!

  He’s not scary by any means, in fact he’s kind of cute and curious, but once he becomes a 3/3 that can win the game in 4 turns he’s something to worry about. If you have other modular creatures out you can start popping them to make him even larger. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m no Magic expert, I have won my fair share of contests against people but nothing I discuss will ever consistently beat the 500 dollar decks that “professionals” like to pull out. But they also aren’t very creative, generally they do what I like to call “Dragon Balling” which involves taking the most ridiculously powerful 80 dollar card, getting it out on turn 2 or turn 3 with another ridiculously expensive search card, and then winning. You’ll notice on most card selling websites at the moment the cards that do this and the cards that this is done to are the top sellers. Folks troll the M:TG forums and just copy pasta. While I admit I’m about to suggest folks do the same with my stuff for fun, I’m only going to cost you the price of one or two video games at my absolute worst Smile.

  As always it is a pleasure, feel free to leave a comment. I’m always happy to hear from people. Save me as a bookmark or your homepage, grab the RSS or my twitter, anything helps. I’ll also be putting up short stories soon on PubIT and probably (after some thought) pricing them mostly at 99 cents. See how many copies I can sell. I can’t promise Shakespeare but I can promise certainly 99 cents worth of entertainment!

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