Outliers might literally be a "must read" book.

//Outliers might literally be a "must read" book.

Outliers might literally be a "must read" book.

  I’ve started listening to audiobooks on my commute. The first book I’m listening to is Outlier by Malcom Gladwell. I’ll most certainly be talking about it more in the not-too-distance future because it has left me speechless and I’m only on the first chapter. He brings up things that are so obvious that I find myself stunned that I never thought about them before.

  He notes that we’ve basically built a system that punishes kids for things they cannot control. The most fundamental variable of our existence, our date of birth, is a better signifier of whether or not we’ll be picked for sports or advanced education courses than many other things. That isn’t to say you should ignore poverty, racism, sexism, or whatnot, but he does note that kids who enter school younger (say the moment they turn five, rather than six months after they turn five) don’t just have trouble when they first start school.

  They have trouble their entire life. Because of a snowball of reactionary policies that we have. As someone who graduated at 17 I find this particularly interesting. While it is entirely anecdotal nearly every single kid who did better than I did was old, sometimes by nearly two years (turning 19 shortly after they graduated).

  Once I finish the book (a week and a half of driving) I’ll most certainly talk about it more. It’s a fascinating read.

  I find it incredibly ironic that astrology might not be entirely wrong in judging people by their time of birth. It’s just wrong for why it thinks it matters or what is causing it.

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