Dipping back into the wonderful world of Determinism we have a slightly different take on the idea. We’ll begin by defining Indeterminism: Indeterminism: Not every event that occurs is completely determined by previous conditions.   Now you might be saying “Well that’s obvious Captain Jack.” To which I’d remind you I’m not Jack, regardless […] Continue Reading

Mean, Median, and Mode.

  As people who have been keeping up with these daily updates know. I would like to become a teacher. However there are some things I think require some dramatic overhauling, mainly because we are at an unusual cross roads where I feel misinformation is causing a dramatic (and ill directed) change in the education […] Continue Reading


  As I sit here realizing that it would cost me 100 dollars to recover my corrupt one note files, I feel that (time permitting) that it may at least be good for the topic of determinism (Note: Time was not permitting). Otherwise its an incredibly crushing experience that gives me a very negative view […] Continue Reading

Future Dreams

  Today’s post will be more personal than usual. Partially because I had to walk from my home to the college today (which is a very tiring operation).   I am certain I know what Job I’d like to do. I want to be a teacher and eventually a professor. But why?! You might ask…oh […] Continue Reading