Perception of Time

//Perception of Time

Perception of Time

  It’s remarkable how pliable time perception is. Today was the first day in quite a long time that I’ve gotten to work in a quiet environment. There was a period of two hours where nobody was there besides Liz, which meant the vast majority of the time was silent blissful relaxation.

  I finished more work in the course of two hours than I tend to manage over half a workday. I can barely recall what order I did things in, I just knew by the time hit 10 AM I had a completed inbox, and all my planned tasks for the day completed.

  It reminded me of casinos, no clocks, no windows, just you and your activity. Time flies and before you know it you are drained of every last cent you brought with you. It didn’t even seem obscure to me, I effectively teleported into the future and it was not only acceptable but a joyous occasion.

  Even now while I’m trying to write this I’m suffering from the reverse issue. Time is crawling. In part it is because I’m trying to write it while watching my shows. I suspect it is that extra distraction that is making it more obvious that I’m working on something.

  How much of our life is lost in a the flash of an uncontrollable daze.

  An interesting thought, just don’t get stuck on it too long, might wake up the next day alarmed and confused. Which for my friends who drink will not be far off from the norm.

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