Perfect Cloning

//Perfect Cloning

Perfect Cloning

  One of the common problems with cloning films is they assume that if you clone someone in a vat that they’ll come out having your same feelings and thoughts. This is obviously wrong, the odds of two people being exactly the same (even with the exact same genes) are extremely poor, I’ve heard some random trivia online but I’m guessing most of it was chain mail quality information.

  However there is potentially a way you could clone yourself and have a backup super evil you. The idea came from 3D printers, and I suppose in retrospect now its basically what the transporters in Star Trek do. Basically you take a full read of every piece of data on a person, presumably in doing this you would be storing each cell of the brain in its current “position”.

  So if you quickly printed (nearly instantaneously) a person out with the exact position of all their cells you would create a clone that also is exactly the same. If you want to kill the Comcast people, they’ll want to kill them as well. Imagine how strange the story would have gone if the Storm Troopers had been designed in this manner.

  You would have hundreds of thousands (millions?) of Jango Fett clones that all have literally the same thoughts, plans, and experience as the original. Perhaps then they wouldn’t have ended up with an army of handicapped inbred warriors (seriously they never hit anything).

  This actually goes back to the topic of immortality, if you saved a copy of your entire body from say…today. You could then keep everything in that save except for the brain, then when you need a new body you just have them print out your body and move your brain from your current build to that one (one presumes this would be doable by then).

  In this sense its also a bit like time travel, you can only accurately go back to the time when the copy is made. This I imagine is the only way to get your own body back, I suppose you could clone your body and have it gestate like they probably did with the storm troopers but there is a problem, that clone has a brain. By the time you move into that body you will be killing someone. I’m looking more at an option that isn’t morally shady.

  Anywho, just some random thoughts I had.


So yeah, that happened today. One of the tanks and I were the only people to survive :D.

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