Plans for 2014 ~ Carpe Meum

//Plans for 2014 ~ Carpe Meum

Plans for 2014 ~ Carpe Meum

   We’ve entered a brand new year, as I’m sure you are aware. Naturally that means I need to set goals for the new year. I think this year I’m going to shoot for enjoying myself. Writing when I want to write, reading when I want to read, and so forth. I’m going to just try and seize the day.

  That doesn’t mean I won’t be updating daily, that’s very likely to continue happening. Posts about WoW, Starbound, and whatever else pops into my head. For instance I’d like to write about evaporation. I was thinking about it earlier and I found it fascinating. Have you ever stopped to wonder how water transitions from a puddle to the air? We all have this vague sense of humidity and perspiration but I don’t feel like I understand it well enough.

  I lost my sticky notes file sadly which means most of my random thoughts that I had planned on writing about are lost. A recent dream has inspired a very strange thought experiment that I’d like to research. Namely, imagine if some godly being just dropped a second Antarctica in the Pacific Ocean just off from the West Coast of the United States. What would happen?

  I’m guessing global flooding and that would be that, but I’d love to do the math sometime. That’s my goals for the year though. Live life, get some rest, and enjoy myself.


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