Playing with myself

//Playing with myself

Playing with myself

  I sometimes play multiplayer games against myself. Magic: The Gathering, Chess, Checkers, and today I found myself playing Scrabble.  The interesting thing about the latter case is that I started noticing a pattern with my scores. Both of my characters were ending up within a few points of one another.

  I finished each game so close that it could be covered by a margin of error and I wasn’t looking at my scores until the end. I don’t really know what this reveals but it was somewhat neat to me. I’ve seen the same thing in other games when I play myself. I tend to clear my mind and just imagine each turn from complete ignorance.

  It requires a lot of practice to make yourself not think about what you plan to do. Especially when you realize knowing what you plan to do means you change what you were going to do in response to what you planned to do which in turn means you must reformulate what you plan to do in response which…well you get the picture.

  The only [rewarding] way to play games against yourself is to be fair. To make every turn count like it’s the most important turn of your life. It’s a lot of fun and it greatly improved my Magic game. If I play myself a few dozen times with a deck I’ve built I can start to play it with my hand face down on the table most of the game.

  Doing so also serves to unnerve your opponent once you are playing someone. They wonder if you are confident or just retarded.

  Little do they know, I’m both.

  So yes, it would appear that I’m evenly matched against myself. This makes an awful lot of sense. I also just realized the best possible title for this post. But you probably already know that because that is what lead you here.

  Which begs the question…

  Why did it lead you here o.o…

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