Pokémon X and Y Guide ~ Part 1 ~ Catching Em’ All

//Pokémon X and Y Guide ~ Part 1 ~ Catching Em’ All

Pokémon X and Y Guide ~ Part 1 ~ Catching Em’ All

  Tonight we’ll begin the Rico Pokémon X and Y Guide. I suppose we should first discuss what people would want to know in Pokémon. The first thing is naturally “Catching Them All”. So why don’t we discuss what you’ll want to catch them all. The first thing you’ll want is a Gallade. You can decide if you want to go easy mode with Gallade or hard mode. I’ll describe both.

  To get a Gallade you need a male Ralts, you can find them on Route 4 (rare). After you have one you’ll want to get a Dawn Stone from Route 3. Level your Ralts to 45 (which you can do with this guide) to give it Hypnosis. Level it one more time to turn it into Kirlia and then give it your Dawn Stone. Teach it False Swipe and you now have an absolutely amazing catching Pokémon.

  Given the proper levels it can bring any Pokémon down to 1HP (with False Swipe) and then put them to sleep with Hypnosis. If you wanted to go with hard mode, you can take a male ghastly with mean look, breed it with a female Ralts Family member and then your Ralts would know Mean Look. If you do this your Pokémon now knows False Swipe, Hypnosis, and Mean Look. Pokémon can no longer flee, they can no longer die (save some special circumstances), and with Hypnosis you’ll have the highest chance of actually catching them.

  One you have your Gallade ready you will want to get either a Venusaur or a Bellossom. But why, why would someone as beautiful as you need either of these Pokémon? Well, now that I’ve gotten the pandering out of the way, these Pokémon will help us multi task. Take either of these Pokémon and make sure they know Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Petal Blizzard. The fourth move can be anything you want.

  You will want these two Pokémon because some Pokémon can only be found in hoards and nobody in their right mind wants to just keep fighting until they finally see a horde. In the case of Sudowoodo you’d be in the woods for the next billion years and scorning the gods.

  Now that you have these two you’ll also want two HM Slaves, or you could have all your HMs spread across your team, but you are too awesome to do something so dreadful. So lets catch a Bidoof on Route 3 and a Ducklett from Route 7. Level up both Pokémon until they evolve into Bibarel and Swanna, then teach Bibarel Waterfall, Rock Smash, Cut, and Strength, and teach Swanna Surf and Fly. That should cover all of the HMs! Congratulations! You still have 2 slots open in your ultimate Pokémon catching team. Do whatever gets you excited I suppose. If anyone tells you that Bidoof is not the shit you punch them in their stupid face, nobody speaks poorly of this glorious Pokémon.


Straight up Godmode.

  Now that you’ve got your team ready you’ll need a nice helpful image that has everything you need on it. Just where the hell are we going to find something like that? Oh right…Reddit. Well then!

  Alongside the above link you can look at this image made by IAMWILCOX that is incredibly clean and looks beautiful on phones.


  Now you might be thinking that this is where my advice ends. You would be so very wrong, but only by a little.

  When you start catching Pokémon, you should consider what I call the Pokémon Family Arc. An example of a PFA is Geodude, Graveler, and Golem. Never go after the less common Graveler when you could get the very common Geodude, this example is a bit weak because Graveler is the goddamn Zubat of rock smash. But the point is clear enough.

  Once you have all three of these entities in your Pokedex there is no reason to keep all of them in your PC (if you have multiples). Either figure out which one has the best IVs (which I’ll explain later) or just take the furthest along and either wonder trade the rest away or check GTS to see if something you don’t have yet, preferably the lowest member of that PFA group, is available for something you have.

  Doing this allowed me to cut my catching time down by dozens of hours. In a single night I had increased my Pokedex by a hundred entries at one point because I wonder traded and GTS traded. Also start breeding your starter the moment you can. Use all your starter babies as leverage to put up requests for the lowest member of a PFA group that you need and leave it for no more than a few days. Almost always when you come back you’ll have what you needed.

  That I think is everything you need to know about Catching Em’ All. I would highly recommend you catch everything with Luxury balls. Later with breeding this will provide you with the optimal ball, no other ball has any real benefit to your Pokémon in the long run.

  Thanks for reading! More to come this week!

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