The biggest difficulty with (nearly) daily posts is that you quickly find yourself running out of things to talk about. This isn’t necessarily because of there being any lack of things to talk about in the world but more the issue of knowing enough about a topic to really discuss it.

  At this point I think I’ve talked about planets, extremophiles, politics (in many flavors), philosophies of many different shades, dinosaurs, and even poorly structured food rants. I’ve had runs where I included magic cards, some pretty poor reviews, and even the occasional writing and reading updates.

  I like to check news sources to see if there is anything I want to talk about but lately the pool has been quite dry. The entire middle east squabble has gotten quite old for me, if that many adults can’t act like adults there isn’t much hope for the region. The daily show did an excerpt on the united states defunding Unesco, that certainly is mortifying. Harming millions of people across the world because of a completely arbitrary law about the relationship of Israel and Palestine. If you don’t know about this it is probably worth a Google.

  Elections are certainly odd, I have a strong suspicion that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich will be running together, since nobody apparently likes Mitt Romney. That’s quite an odd thought, a womanizing hypocrite and a completely loopy fundamentalist with world views almost identical with various bad world leaders across the middle east and Africa. That’s a weird ticket, it really speaks to just how extreme politics can get when people let corruption move a little too deep.

  That’s all I got for today, its about time to have another week of work. Running the hamster wheel towards something,

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