Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ James Whiteblack

//Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ James Whiteblack

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ James Whiteblack

  James Whiteblack is one of the newest kids to the town of Argenvale. His family is not wealthy, it takes no time for them to be alienated by most of the neighbors. But this doesn’t stop James from making friends with Manny and his crew. He’s the oldest member of the crew and at the same time he’s the shortest. This leads to a bit of contention between him and the others as he feels he must prove himself.

  His clothes are dirty and ragged but he has a spirit unrivaled. James loves feats of strength and will stop at nothing to show up the other kids. He likes skateboarding, trampolines, and more recently has taken a liking to walking on his hands (and performing very unsafe stunts).

  Like Manny he also loves Islean’s Oddysey trading cards and has a deck with him at all times. It’s sleeved but the cards are mostly cheap commons. It does nothing to hinder his love for them.

  James is a blue eyed redhead, his face is freckled and his skin looks like a white sandy beach dotted with little brown specks. He often wears flannel shirts and jeans. Shoes with torn laces and an undershirt that is a few shades too far from white.

  When push comes to shove he’s the first to run into the darkness. It’s arguable among the kids if this is because of courage or pride. Or perhaps it is neither and something more noble.

  Unlike Manny, James has not yet grown any hair on his face. (This has not gone unnoticed by James.)

  James has a brother but they do not share many interests and rarely hang out together. No matter how early you wake up you are bound to find James outside. It is where he is the most comfortable, it is the place he finds himself most at home.

  More kids coming soon! Then onto the adults.

Rise of the Piscaureus

Town: Argenvale
Child #1: Manny Violet
Child #2: James Whiteblack

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