Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Michael Strider

//Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Michael Strider

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Michael Strider

  The younger brother of Thomas Strider, Michael Strider is a war veteran who would rather forget. It is something of a cliché being a broken man from a failed war but for him this is reality. He saw things that no person should see, smell things that no person should smell, and heard things that no person should ever hear. Men, women, and children in all manner of horror. People with no right to be alive still moaning for his aid as they bled out beside the burning cinders of their home.

  Before the war his life had been fairly mundane. He’s a brown haired, brown eyed, white middle class male. He did alright in school and managed in college. He has no criminal record and hasn’t had any relationship troubles to speak of. If not for that war there would be nothing special in his life. But frankly sometimes you don’t want special, special isn’t always good.

  When Thomas and Michael returned Michael decided it was time to make special good. He started venturing across the united states doing whatever his heart desired. Mountain biking, motor biking, mountain climbing, trekking, surviving, hitch hiking, and beyond. If it was a job that could be done or a hobby that could be hobbied he was there. He vanished from the face of the Earth in every way with the only fragments of his survival being sporadic postcards he sent back to his family.

  One day Mike felt this weird pain in his heart. The kind of pain that tells you you’ve been away from the people who care for far too long. He called his brother and asked if there was anything for him in Argenvale. As luck would have it there was. His brother didn’t blame him for how he reacted, he told him he would have likely done the same in another life. Michael made his way back to the town and joined the precinct.

  A nice quiet life back in the town he grew up in. He didn’t ask for much but apparently even that was too much. What he saw on his first day wouldn’t change him forever.

  What it would lead to would-


Town: Argenvale
Child #1: Manny Violet
Child #2: James Whiteblack
Child #3: David Tetsu
Child #4: Micky Sprinter
Adult #1: Thomas Strider
Adult #2: Michael Strider

  The next group of adults will likely all be in a single post if I write about them at all :). I’m actually going to draw a relationship chart and might just make that the post.

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