Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Micky Sprinter

//Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Micky Sprinter

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Micky Sprinter

A lot of boys say that girls have cooties. Micky Sprinter likes to hit those boys. Micky is at that golden age where girls are taller than most men and much like her fellow females she rules with an iron fist when the need be. The taste of power is something that is difficult to ignore and she most certainly does not.

But this is of course only for the bad boys. The good ones know they have a solid friend on their hands. She can be a bit sarcastic but she’s trustworthy. It’s a rare day that Micky isn’t caught in her red plaid shirt and jean overalls. It’s a quick outfit and she prefers things be efficient. Efficiency gives her more time to read, after all, which is something she does quite a lot.

Micky is enrolled in accelerated reading courses. She also skipped the 6th grade. You’d think this would put her in a bad place, being in Junior High before she’s had the extra time to grow. Far from it, she is a force to be reckoned with.

She does well hanging out with the older kids but she does it only out of necessity. When school ends and she comes home there is nobody she’d rather hang out with more than the guys in the neighborhood. Riding bikes through the dirt lots, climbing trees they shouldn’t be climbing, and lighting off fireworks on just about any day when you aren’t supposed to.

She gives James a run for his money when it comes to one-upmanship. While he’s constantly trying to prove his small size doesn’t make him weak she’s constantly feeling pressured to prove that girl’s can do anything boys can do. In some cases she proves that only girl’s are crazy enough.

Micky is only scared of two things. One of those things is drowning, a fair fear given what happened to her little brother, and the second-

The second is darkness.

  Coming next we’ll talk about the two main adults! There may be more children coming but I want to knockout the major characters first! Once all the characters are listed I’ll give them psychological profiles and then writing will begin. Fun times.

Rise of the Piscaureus

Town: Argenvale
Child #1: Manny Violet
Child #2: James Whiteblack
Child #3: David Tetsu
Child #4: Micky Sprinter

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