Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Thomas Strider

//Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Thomas Strider

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Thomas Strider

  Thomas Strider spent most of his younger life in the military with his brother. They had never expected that they’d go to war when they originally joined. It might seem naïve but they figured that being in the reserves meant that – well – they were reserved.

  The US however had other plans for them and they found themselves overseas. The things they saw, it wasn’t anything that anyone deserved. In the end they both returned to the US a little bit less human and much less happy. Life had suddenly lost that sparkle that it once had. Thomas went back to Argenvale and Mike vanished off the map all together. Nobody in the family knows where he went after the war but the occasional post card reminds them that he’s still alive.

  Thomas has sagging under his eyes which is exaggerated by his never ending smile. You might think it strange given what he had experienced but Thomas is not one to be taken down. If you think he’s infectiously happy now you should have seen him before the war. He’s sporting a bushy castaway style beard and his hair is bushy. He joined the police in Argenvale with the hope that he could keep other people safe from what he had experienced.

  Domestic violence is his specialty. When the precinct gets a call he’s the first person on the scene. There are few places you’d want to be less than in his presence after you’ve hurt someone. He’s tall, standing a head over 6 feet and he’s built as you’d expect from ex military. As a child he grew up in a farming family which has lead him to have thick rough hands.

  Thomas is a huge fan of Hawaiian shirts and torn jeans, to the lamentation of his superior officers. They’ve tried many times to get him to wear his uniform but to no avail. It would probably be a bigger problem if he wasn’t so damn friendly. He just wears the badge on top of his aging palm tree tapestries. He drives a nice sports car that he’s yet to pay off. With his pay he might never.

  On October 1st he got an amazing surprise. His brother returned to Argenvale. The timing was perfect as the precinct was understaffed. They’ve already responded to summons meant for the other seven times. Mike’s first day was October 13th and – it wasn’t a promising start to his new relaxed life.

Rise of the Piscaureus

Town: Argenvale
Child #1: Manny Violet
Child #2: James Whiteblack
Child #3: David Tetsu
Child #4: Micky Sprinter
Adult #1: Thomas Strider

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