Publishing² ~ The Wheel of Emotions

//Publishing² ~ The Wheel of Emotions

Publishing² ~ The Wheel of Emotions

The actual name of the project is Publishing² but that little power of two is ravaging the header when I upload it. So we’ll just do it this way and I’ll make up a nice logo and everyone wins. After uploads I’ll edit the title too because I’m anal about it. Tonight I want to discuss the preliminary idea of the emotional spectrum for the game. This is only the first draft and may not be what I end up actually using.


Wheel of Emotions

You may notice that in the grand scheme of things this color chart is more negative than positive. We have greed, anger, envy, and fear. You might also notice that these nearly mirror the lantern corps colors. It’s a bit of a chicken/egg situation but the colors had these sort of emotional “ties” before the comic and that was what influenced it. So I’m being influenced by what influenced them as opposed to them directly.

But let it be known I love the Green Lantern universe so I wouldn’t be averse to people thinking otherwise.

The way I envision this mechanic working is that different colors in different combinations would have a different effect. A character that is both angry and greedy might become a thief (so blood orange would be a color you’d be very careful to avoid). These characters would be more likely to skim from the company.

A character that is envious and hopeful would work harder than one that was angry and envious. They would see what others have – want that – and work harder to get it. One that is fearful and angry might stop working all together because they don’t see the point in it all.

Hopeful and angry? Perhaps they cause more inter office conflicts because they argue more in an attempt to improve the environment or to bring the company to a level they believe it can reach.

And these are just the emotions. How they play out will also involve the traits of your character and their history. The initial histories will likely be extremely limited. A maximum of 5 unless I can start drinking coffee again.

This is just a rough idea. What I want to think about next will be the traits that each character grows with. Things like intelligence, stamina, emotional stability, that kind of thing. Once I have this more grounded with at least a raw idea we can come back to the emotions and see how they would influence those mechanics.

If your company has a new CEO come in and the entire place begins to glow like cinders it might be a sign that something needs to be done. We could have special options that can be done with pros and cons to them such as reporting the incident to relevant parties. This could have a chance to replace the CEO with the drawback that they might not be replaced and become even worse.

Or perhaps a special ability where you acquire more (or less) expensive titles which leads to pros and cons with revenue and employee pay.

I would say the possibilities are endless but that would be disingenuous. What I hope to do is design a challenging simulation where folks can watch the colors and try to act accordingly. I think we are onto something. It won’t be as attractive as your conventional indie game but perhaps if it gets some traction we can return to it for an improved version.

Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. I’m just genuinely excited about the project.

Tomorrow I’ll begin editing the Effacer Prophecy as well and will then apply to have it added to Amazon.

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