Questions and Answers; The Spoils of War

//Questions and Answers; The Spoils of War

Questions and Answers; The Spoils of War

  I’m coming to the end of Far Cry 3 which means the internet will invariably try to spoil the ending for me. I’m not entirely sure why this is but anytime I play something and enjoy it I make the mistake of going absolutely anywhere on the internet. Someone, somewhere, right now is posting every spoiler you can fathom to this game. They are doing it in a totally unrelated post about water or the birch tree wikipedia page.

  Why? Who knows, its just a thing, I go to something entirely irrelevant and someone says “LOL This reminds of me how such and such did this and that!” bam, done, there I am and its all gone. I remember just starting up God of War and in a thread about literally nothing relevant someone spoiled the ending.

  Similarly recently when I was on a page to learn if X voice actor was the same in LA Noire and something else the Wikipedia page nicely put the ultimate of spoilers on a single line, out in the open, literally no way to miss it thee moment the page opens.

  There is something visceral about that experience, something otherworldly upsetting. Its like having a moment in your life stolen from you. You have just lost an experience that you cannot ever have, they have essentially stolen part of your future from you. For me it questions the validity of continuing on with the endeavor, is knowing the end going to destroy my enjoyment of the journey?

  In most cases this is true and I will tell you why, since you have made it this far in the post, it is because the answer is never as good as the question. I don’t mean never in the literal sense, there are stories where the answer is beautiful and I’m left enamored by the power of it. I literally can’t name one right now but I’m sure they exist and I’m fairly sure I’ve experienced it.

  It is immensely easy to raise a powerful question. The human mind is an insatiable whore that hungers for every last tidbit of information, it devours the world and cannot be fed even on something as vast and overwhelming as the universe itself.

  We are given a planet far larger than we can literally comprehend, it sits in a vast void of space that is even more unfathomable, and that within an even greater space, and greater still. Billions of Galaxies each with billions of stars each of those with upwards of a dozen planets. We have all this, enough content to fill every human mind that will ever exist, and yet it is not enough. We still hunger, we create new stories, deities, histories, extra lives, we cannot be won.

  So the question is easy, the question is the injection. It starts the flow of chemicals and the runaway train begins. In the marketing world this is known as hype, when you give people a simple demo video for a game, or a snip from a film, a momentary clip from a song, they begin to extrapolate. Marketing is simple once you understand this, never give people enough, give them just enough to let them blow it all out of proportion.

  Give them the Lost treatment.

  Keep giving them questions and never give them answers, once you give answers you have lost and the illusion is broken. The answers are never good enough, and the longer they are left unanswered the more outlandish our personal answers become. Before you know it planets are floating on the backs of whales, people are walking on water, pirates are turning into dolphins, rogue planets are hurtling us into the sun.

  I might go as far as to say that questions are the reason you are alive. Answers are inevitably what kill you.

  So yeah, I hate spoilers, just thought I’d get that out there.

Who is the final boss?

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