Random Magic Review #1

//Random Magic Review #1

Random Magic Review #1

  Today I wanted to write about something relatively silly to most folks but its fun for me. I’m going to grab 5 random cards from gatherer and talk about them shortly. This is mostly motivated because earlier I was sorting hundreds of magic cards and its stuck on my mind.

  Again these are chosen completely at random. I’ve also shortened the window so I can’t see what others have rated them. I would rather my thoughts not be skewed.

Simic Ragworm

    Simic is one of the guilds in Ravnica and their colors are green and blue. With that in mind you can see where the theme on this card is met. I’ve recently gotten into playing standard instead of casual and in standard I could see this being quite handy. A 3/3 for 4 is not very bad on its own but the blue to untap would effectively give it vigilance.

  You could even potentially trick your opponent if they attack and forget this worm can untap. He’s also great in combos if such opportunities open themselves up to you. The flavor text is alright, the artwork is alright, and the theme of the card is alright. I’d give this an average rating and perhaps a little lower than average overall (including casual). However in sealed it’s a solid average.]

Seismic Assault

  Seismic Assault is a card after my own heart. This unassuming little enchantment has a particularly powerful purpose in red. For most good red aggro decks you will not find yourself needing lands very far into the game. Once you are at 5 or 6 you’ve probably got more mana than you have cards to use them on. Casting Seismic Assault turns all future land draws into shocks. I really like this card, in casual it is great (facilitates a lot of combos), in sealed tournaments its great, and really its got a good mana cost to keep it from being abused in too many decks.

  I’d give it a ranking somewhere around good and potentially great. The art and name are excellent which help fuel this rating.

Dragon Whelp

  Dragon Whelp is a 4 mana 2/3 with evasion (flying) which is not bad on its own. Its additional firebreathing ability helps even it out and make it an exceptionally good card to draw for a sealed competition. I love this card dearly and it mostly comes from the art and flavor. You’ll notice that if you charge up its firebreath 4 or more times (they chose 4 because that’s its mana cost) it will die. Imagine a little dragon that doesn’t know the full extent of its powers going a little too crazy into it.

  Lovely card, lovely art, great abilities. This is a good card and again potentially great. I would never be sad to draw it.

Memory Lapse

  Counterspells of any kind are a pain in my butt. Memory lapse is interesting because it breaks tempo. A card countered and in the graveyard can generally be quickly recovered. A card ending up on the top of your library is harder to grab and if you don’t grab it you just lost a turn. Losing a turn and not getting to play the spell you needed are crippling results that make this a dandy counter.

  The art is cryptic and wonderful, the flavor is great. This is one of my favorite counterspells but I will admit it occasionally bites me in the butt. It gets a solid good and in the right deck its easily great.

Shambling Remains

  Shambling remains is a 4/3 for 3 which is pretty friggen great. When wizards disallows blocking it is usually because they want you to use a creature aggressively. Mix this with its ability to come back from the grave and attack one last time before it falls to ash and you’ve got yourself a solid card.

I would hate to be on the receiving end of this card. If you drew it in a sealed tournament it would likely be a strong contender for the colors you’d want to run.

No real flavor to it other than the name and the abilities. I’d say it’s a high average to good card.

There you have it. That’s my random review of 5 MTG cards. Its relatively late and maybe next time I’ll do better. Hope you enjoyed.

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