Random Ramblings – The Food Business

//Random Ramblings – The Food Business

Random Ramblings – The Food Business

I actually don’t know what to talk about today so I’m just going to go with whatever the first thing to pop into my mind is. I’ll make a minor note that Artemis (our Calico) is climbing all over my monitor, very cute. But regardless I think I’ve thought of something.

The commercialization of Food is absolutely perplexing to me. There are a few things that I don’t think Business should ever be involved in, I call these things “Essentials.” They are intrinsic to a functional society and in many ways they are pivotal to life. Food, Shelter, Education, and Healthcare. I’ll talk about others on different days probably but lets just look at food.

There should be only one goal for food, food should always be safe and as plentiful as necessary to support the local population. It shouldn’t be about marketing, bright colors, added sugar, or profits. This is just a truly devious state of being.

I can understand, for instance, someone loving cooking and making a business out of making people food. You are bringing to the people who live in your area a place to socialize, nourish, and perhaps enjoy new sensations. However mass production fast food joints are extremely creepy. Maximizing the output of a steer, masking the Ammonia used to clean poorly process meat with additives, patenting living organisms, and all the other dark practices involved with globalizing any foodstuff.

This is all so surreal, taking something absolutely essential to existing at all and saying “Yeah this should follow the profit or death model.” What group of psychopaths gathered and thought that was reasonable? I can understand that the world isn’t full of altruistic utopic people, but to think that enough people were cool with it is almost disheartening.

Early Harvest  I’m optimistic however because I understand the nature of biases. I just-How? Imagine if air was monetized? How outlandish would this seem to people? Is it the immediacy of air compared to food? Will we reach a day where air is sold in cans? Even Water being remarkably difficult to acquire in some areas of the united states is obscure to me, these sort of things should be science fiction, not fact.

So this is a bit of a thought experiment. Imagine the air in a can, think to yourself if that’s a fair example of a similar situation, and ask yourself how reasonable it is that food is a commodity with cost and corner cutting. Something so completely vital to a healthy and frankly (ultimately) any life.

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