Random Rant about Overzealous Web Design

//Random Rant about Overzealous Web Design

Random Rant about Overzealous Web Design

  One of the biggest problems I have with web development is over zealousness. I do it too but usually my overzealousness just adds something superfluous that looks a bit tacky. The reason this is a problem for me is that people really enjoy overcomplicating a web design in order to make it look artsy and manage to also make it nonfunctional.

  This is especially problematic when this is your professional website used to bring in customers. If lines aren’t printing fully, pages aren’t loading, and images are choppy you are not sending a very good message. “But look the city is animated in the background.” That’s fantastic…but does the page work?

  That should be the ultimate goal of any page, to actually work.

  But I digress. Just a bit of a peeve after I visited three separate websites and they were all broken because they were heavily over manufactured nonsense. I’m not sure what browser they were built on because I apparently don’t have access to it.

  My little slice of the internet is fairly bland I’ll admit but as far as I can tell it works on all browsers and does what it is supposed to do. Didn’t cost me thousands of dollars either.

  I’m deeply amused that “PokeFarm” is the advertisement that’s been on my website for ages, I hope it sticks around forever. I never get tired of Pokemon scrolling by. If you happen to use my website and have an ad blocker I kindly request you disable it here. It’s just one ad and it won’t cause popups or anything else shady.

  I’m pretty tired. Tonight was a bit busy. I’m finding that this is a region of cactuses, a bunch of very hungry cactuses. They want you and all they have to give in return is some starvation.


  Just give it a graze and count the last of your days.
Assuming you are a sheep I mean…

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