Random thought about Immortality

//Random thought about Immortality

Random thought about Immortality

  I wasn’t able to get any writing done today. Most of my morning was spent in remarkably intense agony. My muscle spasms managed to boil away at my insides and absolutely drain my brain. As with all things that got me thinking about brains. We are trapped in our bodies and sometimes I find that to be a darn shame. Other times I appreciate this thing for ferrying me around.

  I was thinking about how much I fear teleportation or mind transfers. Moving your brain from your brain to a computer. Would “you” survive the transfer or would all that remains behind be a doppelganger that perfectly emulates you? The body you live in now is not the one you had ten years ago. You are almost literally a brain transplanted into a new body (albeit shittier). I thought to myself what if brain cells do the same thing? Are we not losing cells and replacing them in our brains all the time?

  According to Live Science unfortunately I am wrong. It would appear that brain cells, at least in lab mice, can live twice as long as their host. Other than our memory and olfactory regions we don’t generate new cells (something that I read to the contrary for years, perhaps I was confusing plasticity with cell birth and death).

  But this also means that if we could map cells in the brain we could, in theory, replace cells that are damaged by Alzheimer’s or other diseases with a cell that has exactly the same data. In this way your brain would live for an extremely long time. Beyond that moving the brain to a new sturdier casing (a better body) would go a long way to living for timespans that have any meaning in space.

  I wonder if you’d even notice your brain being upgraded. We don’t ever notice our bodies being completely replaced because it happens gradually over five to ten years. We don’t notice our hair constantly falling out because its all done individually at different intervals. We never notice any of these incredible changes with our bodies. So could we replicate this with our brain?

  Just something to think about. Tomorrow hopefully my health will be more generous and I can get back to this exciting project.

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