Random Thought ~ Hearing the ‘real’ you

//Random Thought ~ Hearing the ‘real’ you

Random Thought ~ Hearing the ‘real’ you

  Have you ever noticed when you hear yourself on a recording it doesn’t sound like you? The reason for this is simple enough and has to do with resonance. When you speak your vocal cords send your “voice” out through the air. Part of that will reflect off other surfaces and travel back to your own ears. That is not the only thing altering how you hear yourself and it might not even be the major factor.

  The other place those vibrations go from your vocal cords is along the bones in your neck and skull. They spread out as they travel and you are left with this overlay of “deeper fuller” sounds. This deeper sexier you is the voice that you know as “your voice”.

  I haven’t done any research into the matter but I suspect that most healthy people have similar bone density. We also know how sound works and can predict what will happen to sound waves that travel through different mediums. This suggests to me that you could produce an audio filter that alters the wavelengths of your recorded speech and provides the end listener with what you know to be your real voice.

  You could have different presets to slightly alter it in either direction to potentially offset the differences in ear canal size and makeup.

  Naturally this wouldn’t help in the real world (though we could fix that too) but it would be neat for people to hear what you sound like to you. It might also help people who want to provide commentary online but can’t get over how they sound in recordings.

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