Randomness and the Weekend

//Randomness and the Weekend

Randomness and the Weekend


theoldandthenew  A Three day weekend is just on the horizon. I don’t know what to really talk about, the last few days have been mostly exhaustion. With Diablo III no longer interesting me I’ve found myself getting back into Torchlight 1. Something about playing the same theme, but actually being interested, that makes it intriguing.

  That is an incredibly strange word “intriguing”, it looks like it is misspelt whenever I type it out and yet it is correct. That itself is intriguing, and so the cycle continues. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I now own a PS Vita, it is a delightful little device and I may write a review for Disgaea 3 and/or Mortal Kombat on it. I will not already that my impression of Mortal Kombat has gone down over the months, mostly because the grating boss fights are once again obstacles between me and an otherwise good game. It’s actually astonishing how a good game could be home to some of the laziest design with Goro, Shao Kahn, and Kintaro. They are remarkably poor, incredibly boring, and insulting.

  It tends to feel like they finished the entire rest of the game and went to ship and remembered “Oh crap we forgot bosses.” But I digress, they are terrible, lets leave it at that for now.

  SpaceX launched a rocket into space and its cargo is now orbitting the Earth, this is a remarkable first step and seems to suggest that the first real Enterprise will be built on Enterprise. It’s a shame that nations are run by people with small minds and short attention spans, I suppose it is left to big dreams and big wallets to actually explore the Cosmos.

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