Returning to the Frosty Peaks of Skyrim

//Returning to the Frosty Peaks of Skyrim

Returning to the Frosty Peaks of Skyrim

  I finally broke down and rebuilt my Skyrim mod collection. It’s finishing up the download and I thought this was the perfect time to just chat about it while I wait for the last portion to finish. Skyrim is an interesting game because a big part of what makes it delightful is the mod capabilities. I’ve seen criticisms about it before that said basically “If it couldn’t be modded it would suck.”

  That’s an amusing notion because it basically says “If you took out an essential part of this things design it would be terrible!” If you took away the the ability to metabolize most foods they would be terrible. If you took away the structural integrity from chairs they’d be terrible. If you took away your internal organs you’d be all sorts of suck.

  I’m going to record my travels throughout Skyrim because that’s apparently a thing I do now. We’ll be using random start and somewhere around 90 thousand mods. I say that only because there are a lot of very small tweaks to help enhance the overall experience. I tried to steer clear of anything that impacts balance in a negative way. Basically I want to show just what kind of amazing wonderful things this game is capable of.

  I’ll still be playing through the rest of my catalog and writing and all that jazz. But the frozen north is calling me. It is in your best interest to check out Falskaar if you are a Skyrim fan.

  Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot yet for this because I haven’t started yet! Though I do have a metric ton of screenshots from the last time I played so perhaps I’ll just show one or two and see how well I do this time.

Dapper Crab

Dapper crab is dapper!


Ah. Nature. I remember being in a state with nature before. Stupid California…

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