Reviews: How to survive a sharknado

This was a rough, rough, read. I didn’t think a joke book would fall so flat for me. I had to push myself to finish this book and I mean that almost literally. Just every page after about 30% in was a slog. A rough, tough, drag. It’s not that I don’t think they tried. I’m sure they did…its just that they weren’t talented enough to carry it. If you want to read a fun book about fantasy creatures I’d recommend Monster Manuals from Dungeons and Dragons. I realize those are “serious” but you’ll get more laughs from those than you will this.

The Boaricane has a genuine chuckle moment in it but otherwise I didn’t find myself smiling. The best reason, perhaps the only reason, to read this book is to check out the pictures. It has some great pictures! Absolutely excellent. The portmanteaus are also great but otherwise its hundreds of words that just…god…they fall so flat.

I feel really bad for the folks that wrote this. I’m sure they tried but this was one hell of a train wreck for me. Proceed with caution. If you get it for free, cool, otherwise meh.

That said I’m apparently wrong. Because this thing has smoking hot reviews online. That’s the nature of reviews though, they are a personal experience and for me this was a bad one. I suppose this is one of those “To each their own.” deals.

THAT SAID…this is amazing.

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It stings. This was so rough that it caused me to stop reading for days. I was just too worn from the experience. I'm apparently wrong though because this thing has smoking hot reviews online. I "got" the joke but I didn't find it funny I guess.

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