Reviews: Injustice: Gods Among Us ~ Ultimate Edition

///Reviews: Injustice: Gods Among Us ~ Ultimate Edition

Reviews: Injustice: Gods Among Us ~ Ultimate Edition

Injustice is another one of those games that I can’t really put my finger on. As I do more of these reviews I’m trying to find the system that I like best for detailing what the games did well and not so well. With that in mind lets experiment with Injustice. I’m going to create a bullet point list of what I like and don’t like and then extrapolate on that. Maybe throw in some fun pictures which may or may not be relevant.

Starting with what I liked because positivity is the name of the game. I missed this game when it first came around. Because of the nature of DLC I’ve stopped really buying games when they first release unless they are Nintendo games. Everyone seems to be really big on milking their customers for every cent. I’ve written before why this is a bad thing for everyone, not just people who don’t like DLC, but I think these days I could articulate it better. So, I suppose, look forward to that sometime this coming month.

At any rate, I picked up the Ultimate Edition for $7.50 on Steam a couple weeks ago and gave it a run. At this price I think the game is something of a steal when you consider the breadth of content in it. However the one major negative I have topping my “What I didn’t like” bullets is so incredibly bad that it forces me not to suggest this game to you. That said, we’ll come back to that.

The collection of heroes in this game was rather startling and welcome. There are 24 characters to choose from with the Ultimate Edition and each one feels unique and their general powersets translate fairly well into this game. Ironically my worst character was Superman, but even he felt a lot like I’d expect from the most overpowered character in comic book history [I’m convinced at this point that if he ever fought the DC god, he’d win].

Superman smashing someone out into space. It's cool, they'll be fine.

Superman smashing Aquaman out into space. It’s cool, they’ll be fine.

When the characters work they do so in a way that really captures your attention. And its not just in the fighting either. The single player story is really engaging and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Without spoiling anything beyond the first couple of minutes, Superman snaps and its up to the entire DC universe (well ok, 23 other people or so) to find a way to stop him. It has twists, turns, some really bad writing, and some really fun writing. If nothing else I’d say that the 7.50 you are paying for this game is going towards the storyline.

The graphics were pretty good to me too. I enjoyed watching the story scenes play out, enjoyed the combat, and enjoyed the supers. The game did have some weird transitions where the more polished content clashed with the less polished content but overall it was still quite an attractive game. Each time I unleashed a super (or experienced a clash) the visuals and audio were, as a friend would put it, “super rad”.

Overkill isn't in the Joker's vocabulary. Kill though, its up there.

Overkill isn’t in the Joker’s vocabulary. Kill though, its up there.

Not much else can be said about a fighting game without padding. Except for a single line I wish I could put here. I’m confused with my first and most stark complaint about this game. The confusion lies in Netherrealms having made Mortal Kombat 9, a game I felt had solid controls and pretty good balancing. The controls in Injustice are piss poor. I thought it was just me but when I googled around for a fix I found a lot of other people having the same problems with the PC release. I was using a 360 controller and often I found myself jumping back when I pressed forward, or unleashing a fireball when trying to duck.

It makes it so that most of my deaths were be because the controls were ignoring me and not because I’m screwing up myself. That stopped me from playing the game more than the single player story. I just can’t stomach bad controls.

They are so bad I can’t recommend you ever buy this game. At least not for PC, I can’t speak for the controls on consoles. They MUST be better, there is no way this would have gotten passed QA. I’ve tested the controller with a few other games (like Rogue Legacy) and it doesn’t appear to be broken. Why it doesn’t work here is beyond me.

My only other problem was inconsistencies with the actions of characters. The “normal” superman has a minigame where he murders motorists, and the “evil” superman (this isn’t spoiling anything, I promise), also acts beyond belief for me. Superman is a lot like Captain America in his personality. What Superman does in this is beyond belief in the furthest stretches of my imagination. I know why they did it, its because anybody fighting Superman will lose and making him the Villain makes it interesting.

For when simply saying "Fuck off." isn't enough. The Autogram.

For when simply saying “Fuck off.” isn’t enough. The Autogram.

But if they were going to have him as the enemy and have you fighting him with regular folks (Green Arrow, for instance), then they could have made the Villain ANYONE and had Superman included. He wasn’t the biggest problem I had, either. What the fuck was up with Wonder Woman? The entire time she is on screen in the single player campaign she’s getting gimped by someone. She’s one of the strongest people in the entire DC cannon and something like 12 different villains and heroes all beat the fuck out of her. It seems like the only thing she’s good at doing in this game is being fodder for other characters to save.

That. Makes. No. Sense. Seriously, she’s retarded powerful. This is like taking Hercules and having him lose an arm wrestling match to Weeman. It threw me out of the story so much that I almost didn’t enjoy myself at times. You could have added any of a number of other female characters if you wanted a damsel in distress…but really…Wonder Woman? This makes me wonder what they’ll do with the upcoming film that she’s in. If she does anything less than throw tanks at people for laughs I’m going to be annoyed.

There is no excuse, she’s the daughter of Zeus for fuck sake. I’m pretty sure Jesus would clean up house in a fighting game, Wonder Woman should as well.

What I liked.

  • The collection of Super Heroes was really diverse!
  • The single player story was quite long and very movie like.
  • The graphics really captured my attention.
  • Aquaman was a badass all around.
    What I didn’t like.

  • The controls were really wonky with a gamepad.
  • “Normal” Superman and “Evil” Superman both acted evil and out of character.
  • Wonder Woman looked real friggin weird and was a damsel in distress the entire time.
In an alternate reality Lex Luthor supplies GDI with their super weapon technology.

In an alternate reality Lex Luthor supplies GDI with their super weapon technology.

Overall its a really lovely looking and sounding game that I want to play wrapped up in a control scheme that makes it almost impossible to enjoy. I’m going to give this game an OK only because at the price and the quality of the single player I actually did have an OK time. I just wish I could have had a good or great time.

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