Reviews: Louis C.K. ~ Oh My God

///Reviews: Louis C.K. ~ Oh My God

Reviews: Louis C.K. ~ Oh My God

You can’t let them win!


Louis CK is – objectively – the greatest comedian currently living. I know what you are thinking “Mike, there are thousands of comedians out there. This seems really subjective.” Of course, naturally, those thoughts could come to mind. But hear me out.

Louis CK is an artist in every sense of the word. He manages to hide one of the most positive messages in comedy today behind a veil of negativity. If you are only listening partially while playing a game or cooking you might miss it. But in his standup specials there is this underlying message that carries from show to show. He reminds you of how wonderful this world is.

Life seems dark to some people. We wake up and hear about a school shooting or a new war being waged overseas and it becomes easy to just box it up and ship it out. But then here comes Louis, reminding us of the great treasures that slip right under our radar. Things like the magic of cellphones, automobiles, the internet, modern healthcare. All these things that are so ubiquitous to us now that we have become jaded to them.

He takes things commonly seen as taboo and approaches them in the most crass way possible while simultaneously being insightful and incredibly brilliant. I’m also a bit of a picky buggard and while most comedy doesn’t make me laugh his manages to make me laugh. I’m not sure how much weight that carries but it is something.


For 5 measly dollars you get an incredible work of art from a man that makes new material for every show he does. It never stops being insightful, it never stops being funny, and it never stops surprising. He jokes about getting older but I genuinely hope he lives long enough to be annoyed when he wakes up.

I want to talk more about the special but this would end up being me retelling every joke and why they are genius. Oh My God is a great comedic special and to my surprise he only seems to get better with each year.

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