Reviews: Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Quest

///Reviews: Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Quest

Reviews: Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Quest

I finished the Warlords of Draenor legendary quest today. This marks the end of a relatively long journey in the latest World of Warcraft expansion. I got a really bitchin’ ring statue for my garrison (which I’ll miss when they ultimate shit on this next expansion) and a ring that gives me a crazy strong lust affect every 2 minutes. How did this quest fare compared to the last one? Well, the last legendary quest, for the cloaks in Mists of Pandaria was a terrible experience. Whoever made it absolutely hates human happiness and I do not like them. Or at least I do not like the version of them that made that quest.

The Legendary Quest in MOP was a bit like beating a puppy. Super duper sad and with no redeeming qualities. All who participated walked away being lesser for it. By contrast I’d say that most of the WOD Legendary Quest is not bad. It starts out by sending you through some of the game’s dungeons. This I like, no complaints. Most of the dungeons for WOD are actually quite good, which is a shame because there is almost no reason to do them.

Once you’ve completed most of the dungeons once, you’ll have finished the dungeon side of these things. Once you move on from that you’ll enter into the raid portion of the legendary quest. I liked Highmaul and I liked Blackrock Foundry, so doing them for legendary stuff was not a problem. The drop rates for both zones was perfectly fair. You had a 100% chance of getting something but you had a small chance to get a big number of them. This is how you correctly do a grind quest. Grind quests with less than 100% drop rates are absolute dogshit. I have no patience for them, more on this later.

Sometime after this you’ll find yourself getting a new legendary follower. She’s really neat and I wish she had the bodyguard trait so that she could walk around with me. Once you have her basically all missions are 100% regardless of your teams (in my experience). No complaints, she has a legendary impact on your experience. There is a special quest involving her that I actually liked a lot. It wasn’t perfectly applied but the concept was not bad. You basically roam through a stronghold and have her murder the shit out of people while not getting caught, metal gear style. They needed vision cones and whatnot but it wasn’t absolutely terrible.

Now…here is where I believe we get to the part that I absolutely hated. The third grind quest involves getting 33 books. I remember seeing 33 and thinking “Fuck…what’s the catch?” The catch is that it is a coin toss. So you might get them all in 33 kills, or you might not get them in a hundred or more kills! That’s fucking terrible. A terrible terrible scar on a quest chain that I otherwise found delightful. I was very disappointed in the entire grinding experience. Do you know how infuriating it is to get to 32 books, then kill 4 bosses and not get the last one? Being forced to wait an entire week just to get 1 more freaking book?

Horrible. But, at the very least, it is not so bad that it ruins the entire experience beyond redemption. Where the Cloak Quest was a giant pile of flaming poop, this quest is perfectly acceptable. Maybe not good, I think they still don’t “get it”. Something I might explain more articulately at a future time, but I certainly wasn’t unhappy doing it. A nice solid C or C+ experience.

What’s that header image have to do with this topic? Three Words. Legendary. Cloak. Quest.

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