Reviews: X-Men: First Class

///Reviews: X-Men: First Class

Reviews: X-Men: First Class

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I will get this out of the way immediately, to say that I enjoyed this movie would be an understatement. I’ll discuss it in, every so slightly, more detail in a minute.

But this film has things in it, things you should see, one of the most entertaining hero movies, and an origins at that, that I’ve ever seen. I’m going to probably hype this a bit, so if you just wanted the gist I suggest you read no further and just go see it at your earliest convenience.

They need to get ticket sales, we need to have these folks reprise the roles at least one more time. It was…delicious.



So where do I begin? How about with my facial expression for most of the movie. I’ll give it my best shot, since I don’t own a tablet personally.


Mouth open, tongue watching the film alongside me, as endless nerd porn was thrashed against the screen. Yes, admittedly, there is literally women in their underwear (and to anyone that shocks, you obviously didn’t read old X-Men comics), but I mean more the action, the lore, the mutants they chose. Sure a couple were strange, but it was delightful to see the cast overall.

I got actively excited during the film, I was chilly, sweaty, incredibly jolly. It was almost worrisome how much this film pandered to my baser nerd instincts. I thanked it for every second and for the…

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Shaw, for those of you that don’t know the lore I won’t spoil it for you. But the fact that you read this far insults me. Why the hell aren’t you out watching Kevin Bacon? Or the rest of the cast for that matter?

I'm Charles Xavier, I'm about to have sex with your mind.

James McAvoy is good, really good, really really good. He plays the young Professor Xavier that I always imagined. It hurts at times because you realize he isn’t actually Professor X, and that when you scream like a 12 year old girl at him the moment you meet him he’ll probably file a restraining order.

I didn’t know his name before the film, I think he’s even been a satyr in another film, but damn. Damn. That’s really all I have to say.

I could regurgitate about much of the cast, but they are almost entirely amazing. Michael Fassbender destroyed the screen as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful Mystique, blah, blah, blah, I really can’t remember anything that irked me.

Is this even a review anymore? Am I just groping this film? It feels like it. I effectively paid for it 4 times (part of a mistake with Fandango) and I don’t feel the least bit robbed. I have not, in a long long time, been this damn happy after a movie. I’m telling you this days after we saw it. Is it the greatest movie ever? No. Is it one of the most entertaining times I’ve had at a theatre? Yes.

There were people talking during the film and some 30 year old asshole was kicking my seat the ENTIRE time. Neither of these things could break me away from the holy shit that was going down on screen.

So that is all. I’m slapping this into my great category, if you are a dork, please go see this film and I apologize if I’ve overhyped it. But I’m not sure that is possible.

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