Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Lord DeRosso

//Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Lord DeRosso

Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Lord DeRosso

I have yet to decide what my final title format will be for guides. It’s a tough deal but whatever. This guide is not exaggerating either, after a few frustrating matches where I learned the AI for DeRosso I finally came to a conclusion that worked out great. I literally beat him while I was asleep.

Naturally I wasn’t sure if it would work but I am pleased that it did. You don’t need to be asleep, you could have this run while you are having dinner or whatever else. I don’t know how quickly it killed him but we could do the math real quick.

You’ll be dealing roughly 2.3K damage every 30 seconds? He has roughly 233K life. This means that it should take about 50 minutes? Let’s round it up to an hour. I’m sure there are faster strategies out there but this one is guaranteed and basically 0 effort so~.

The Checklist

Job Level 5 Ninja x 4

1 Character at extremely low health. [I killed off one and Phoenix Downed them.]

Abilities – Transcience & Comeback Kid

Edit: You might be able to add “Turn Tables” from the Red Mage abilities to speed up this fight. Assuming DeRosso drains people with extra BP.

  The strategy here is simple. You cast “Utsusemi” every turn on all 4 characters. Because one of your characters is at critical health the boss will never use “Gravija” which is his only non-physical attack. He will instead try to use either a single target attack or an AOE physical attack. Neither of these will hit you.

  When he does the single target attack your character will evade because of Utsusemi. The evasion will trigger Comeback Kid and Transcience. Comeback Kid gives you +25% to your P.Attack and M.Attack, the previous of those two things being the thing you want here.

  Transcience makes your character counterattack with this new buffed hit. So now you are taking 0 damage per turn (guaranteed) and hitting him every couple turns for 2.5K or more if you gear up properly (I just randomly slapped stuff on my characters for testing).

  Presumably you should be able to do other things than this but for some reason I kept getting half my team wiped out when I didn’t use Utsusemi on them all. I was tired and decided I wanted to get some sleep BUT I really wanted that darn Vampire job. Tried this and it worked!

  So there you go. If you are stuck on Lord DeRosso and getting frustrated by his BS Strategy then try out my BS Strategy and enjoy your brand new super cool looking Job Class!

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