Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Money Making

Given how many people have visited my last guide on Bravely Default I suppose its time to hook people up with a better money making tool. This one came about after I got the skill “Big Pharma” and realized I was looking at a veritable goldmine, a bit like actual Big Pharma. As with the previous guide I’m going to be making this as spoiler free as possible, thankfully the entire guide takes place in the “Wind Temple” which is one of the first areas you enter in the game! [Ironically I had reached Merchant Job Class 11 in the very same place, so it was incredibly convenient for me.]

The Checklist

Blessed Shield x 1

Agnes without a weapon & Job changed to a Spellcaster.

One character with Merchant at Job Level 11 [I personally used Tiz, seeing as Ringabel is my Thief].


Next go to the second floor of the Wind Temple (which you’ve likely already found, so I won’t say where it is). Make sure that you have your non-merchant, non-Agnes character hooked up with the Blessed Shield. If you want you can put Blessed Shields on all 4 of your characters, this will help keep things more certain but isn’t necessary. Get into a fight with a Golem (kill any other mobs with him but don’t hit him yet). Once the Golem is alone do the following list in any order.

  1. Have your non-merchant, non-Agnes, non-Blessed Shield character use Default.
  2. Have your Blessed Shield character use their Blessed Shield on the party (This will cast Cura on the party, usually for about 200 life).
  3. Have Agnes physically hit the enemy, make sure she’s equipped with something that does less than 500 damage usually. I find that unarmed is probably best.
  4. Have your merchant use “Big Pharma” on the Golem.

What does this do? One character hits the Golem for between 200 and 500 damage, another heals him for that much and you get exactly that much in money back, a third heals the party for 200 damage (you are only taking between 1 and 50 by this point), and the last is just blocking.

This means that every turn you earn about 250 pg. Press Y and let your party keep doing this on repeat, crank up the speed to >>>>, and now you’ve got yourself a money making monstrosity! Leave the game running overnight and you should come back to roughly 1 million PG (almost on the spot, its rather consistent). Assuming that you kept Agnes unarmed you shouldn’t hit the Golem for more than 500 on anything but crits, this is good because you want to keep him healing from Big Pharma fast enough to not die while you are asleep.

In this way you can buy various items that will help make the game more enjoyable and take a bit of pressure off from the (surprisingly low) money output that the game delivers. Additionally you can purchase a certain item (which I won’t name) that increases your exp and job exp gains while simultaneously turning off your pg gains. You won’t need pg gains because of this trick which means you can use that item with my leveling guide to level twice as fast.

I personally leave the game running in this way while I sleep with my 3DS sleeve over the bottom screen and an empty 3DS game case over the top one. Keeps the 3DS nice and dark so that I can sleep and in the morning I can pick it up, kill the Golem, and check out my sweet haul.

There you go! A simple and fun way to earn a million pg while you sleep. Anyone can do it and it requires very little to get online.

Edit: For the sake of clarity. You could make as little as 750K or so depending on how hard you hit. Still you were sleeping when it happened so~

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  1. Amro Subihie

    There is a those flower monsters in front of florem town that used spore to replicate. I kill any scorpions or mons and leave it alone while doing your set up, without having to worry about killing it cause they’d use spore near death and it keeps going forever. the best part about this is that you get an ok of exp and JP alongside the PGs.

      • Waldorf

        I’m in chapter 5 and I’ve been running around for 4 hours in the temple of wind 2f, not a single golem so far. Only shield dragons and the orc things and evil idols.

          • Waldorf

            I found one. After chapter 5 the kobolds in the cave to norende worked for me (tried it last night, still going this morning)

            I was running at level 60 across the board:
            Agnes black mage with a simple weapon (doing about 150 to kobolds, 450 crit)
            Tiz merchant big pharma-ing
            Ringabel with the shield
            Edea as salvemaker casting first aid each turn. (not necessary I think)

            The kobold attacks normally, causes silence (not mattering), and steals a BP from you occasionally. The only part that can stop this from working is if by some weird chance the kobold steals BP 4+ turns in a row ONLY from your mechant. Then your attacker CAN kill the kobold if you get 4+ crits in a row.

            Either way, it didn’t happen to me overnight. Having the salvemaker was useful though just in case the kobold got like 8 crits in a row and started averaging 800+ damage per turn.

          • Waldorf

            No problem, add whatever or change it. Also after watching the battle with the kobold a bit, I think the whole BP stealing thing is a non-issue. I don’t think the kobold can use BP steal on a party member with 0 BP, only with 1 or more to steal. So I don’t think it’s an issue. You can check me on that though.

          • Sordatos Cáceres

            Doesn’t work.

            I got Edea dealing around 500 to the kobolds, Ringabel using Blessed Shield and Tiz Big Pharma, I tried for some minutes in which Tiz healed about 600 or so per turn, (more than 10 turns) then I killed the monster, and yet I got 405gp like a regular battle…

          • Waldorf

            Works for me, don’t use Edea because she has the highest base P. Atk. Use Agnes.

            If they are doing 500 damage then 1000 or so is the crit, and there is a chance of up to 3 crits in a row happening before Tiz does big Pharma. My Agnes level 70 does 145 damage with a low level rod as a black mage, and that’s perfect.

            Also remember, no matter what you make with big pharma the end of battle pg count will be the same. I’ve left my game on 3 nights in a row doing this, and I wake up still battling each time. of course you get 400 pg like the guide says above. However, check your gold count after a night and it should be about 750k to 1 million more than before.

            Also make sure you don’t have any counter abilities on, I realized after a few failed attempts I had one character with transcience and another with firewall, and that was dealing 1500 to the kobold on random times.

          • Sordatos Cáceres

            It does work I made 3 millions last night, is just that the money doesn’t show in the Battle Results screen so I though it was working, but the money does add up to your total.

            I think that note should be clarified in this guide.

            Thanks everyone.

          • Rico Penguin

            Ah right. It doesn’t show you in results. I should make note of that. Glad you are rolling in dough now :).

          • Henry Pham


            YOU ARE A GOD




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