4 Comments on Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Universal Boss Guide

  1. Margaret Jaffe

    I’m not sure if you have a different version of the game than me, but I can’t find “life drain.” Sure, Spellcaster has the job ability “drain,” but it’s just like the vamp’s “blood thirst”? I’m now trying to take out the Rosso/Victor team and haven’t tried this above strategy before, since I always kept thinking, “where’s ‘drain?'”

      • Margaret Jaffe

        Oh, nvm. I am completely stupid. After a month or two, I finally figure out the super obvious strategy. Feel free to delete the above.

        • As long as you figured it out. You say after a month or two, did these comments really take that long to show on my end O.O…

          Anywho, glad it worked out for you. Soon enough we’ll have a whole new Bravely Default to trudge through haha.

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