Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Victor & Victoria

//Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Victor & Victoria

Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Victor & Victoria

I wrote a guide a bit ago about how to beat basically every boss. Well there is one boss in particular that that strategy does not work on! That boss is Victor & Victoria. I won’t be describing any story elements or anything that could spoil it. Honestly by playing you already know you’ll be fighting these two because the game makes it very obvious. I’ll be talking about mechanics only.

What you need

One character with Reflect (White Mage Spell)

One (or more) characters with “Drain” Spell Fencer ability & “Phoenix Flight”

A few Phoenix Downs & Hi-Potions (20 is probably fine)

Admittedly I was level 70 when I did this but all that did for me was make me most certainly faster than them. Overall I wasn’t getting hit anyways so the amount of HP I had didn’t matter for survivability. What DID make HP matter was the combo of “Drain” and “Phoenix Flight” which I’ll start calling D/PF. I’ll give you the rotation and then you just rinse and repeat this for the rest of the match to win.

Phase 1:

Cast Reflect x 4 on all of your team members.

Cast Drain on all characters who will be on offense.

Default on all characters who won’t (or do some kind of damaging attack).

Phase 2:

Cast “Phoenix Flight” x 4 on Victoria. This should deal 20K or so per character if you are sitting around 5K life.

Phase 2 until Reflect drops on all 4 characters then Phase 1. Repeat ad nauseum.

That’s all you have to do. If you find that a DOOM or something gets through your reflect (it happens on rare occasion, I wonder if its a bug?) then just raise that person and use your free characters to hi-potion them back up. After a handful of turns you’ll kill Victoria and be left with Victor. He is considerably less scary and once you get the routine above going on him he’ll die pretty quickly.

Something to consider is adding “Poison Immunity” to your characters if you have it. This way if you get hit between reflects with poison it will not do anything. If it DOES hit it can be a bit of a tedious inconvenience.

If your reflect is up you’ll be taking around 0 damage, maybe a few hundred in random melee damage. If it is down there is a chance that you’ll be instantly killed. I don’t just mean one character either, your entire team. No amount of power leveling appears to make this survivable. So just keep reflect up all the time and you’ll be god mode for this fight.

That’s it! If you have any questions, corrections, or whatever the comments are open. But in my experience most folks just come for the data and apply it.



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