Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Easy Item & Innocent Duping

//Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Easy Item & Innocent Duping

Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Easy Item & Innocent Duping

There are a lot of levels in Disgaea, while some games have you going to level 99 or 100 you’ll find yourself going all the way to 9,999 here. Not only that but you might reincarnate back to level 1 and do it again. Ad infinitum if you wished. This might seem excessive but the beauty in this is that Nippon Ichi is not asking more of you than most games. In some ways they are asking for less but only if you are willing to be clever. They present you with a puzzle and then tell you simply “Solve it.”

So today I’m going to tell you how I solve that puzzle. Whether or not you like the solution will ultimately be found by the end of this. But I think its the quickest and easiest way to get what you want.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone I suggest finding a rank 34 weapon. Why? Well this is because of something called Rule 34 in Disgaea. These are the best items you can find outside of the Land of Carnage and when you reverse pirate them (more on that later) you’ll find the bestest of the best gear in them (if you’re lucky).

Item Type – Item Name
Fist – Money Fist
Sword – Fragarach
Spear – Bruenack
Bow – Phoenix Bow
Gun – Victory Magnum
Axe – Gigas Hammer
Staff – Holy Staff
Monster Weapon (Red) – Basilisk Eye
Monster Weapon (Blue) – Article 33: Revolt
Armor – Holy Warrior Armor
Presuming I spelled them all right those are what you are looking for. It doesn’t need to be these things, my first duped item was an Imperial Seal for Hades sake. But doing one of these nets you a lot of benefits. I’m currently at floor 80 on a Holy Warrior Armor so let me finish that real quick and we’ll come back to the guide with pictures! Yay! The first thing we’ll cover are the things you want to complete your mission in the quickest and most relaxing way possible. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be doing this until after you beat the story. Power leveling is 100% unnecessary for the story. Just practice your heart cannon magic and you can defeat any boss far before the game wants you to. That said, minor, super minor, spoilers. Nothing you don’t know if you played the story and even then its just “Oh they join my team?”

Training Ground LV. 6, Aura Pyramid LV. 6, Item World Radar LV. 6, Nether Express LV. 4, and Discipline Room are my recommended Item World Evil Symbols.

Training Ground LV. 6, Aura Pyramid LV. 6, Item World Radar LV. 6, Nether Express LV. 4, and Discipline Room are my recommended Item World Evil Symbols.

I can’t stress how important the Nether Express is. Seriously, if you forget that (or the Discipline Room) you will hate yourself. The next step is altering your menu settings so that Item World changes from a drag to a super rad super fun experience.

Note how I've set everything to "Impatient."

Note how I’ve set everything to “Impatient.”

This makes you move around at lightning speed, same with the enemies. It’ll reduce a race to level 100 of an item to an hour or less experience (unless you are like me and savor the moments). With those two things out of the way let’s talk about what you need in terms of units!

Honestly…you only need 2 things. A single Super Hero on the Nether Express, and someone to bring the hurt to the Gate Guardian. The rest is optional but for getting a level 100 item for duping this is all you need. Also don’t forget to go get that Puppy Paw Stick and upgrade your evil symbols.

Run, Dave, Run!

Run, Dave, Run!

You’ll want a Super Hero with Chicken Heart, Movement Upgraded Twice from Character World, and Three Pairs of Shoes. You’ve now got a 14 movement character that is considered flying. Why is the flying helpful? Why, because he ignores enemy characters when running around! 95% of the item world levels are now finishable in a single turn. Which is a blessing and a curse. If you are trying to collect all of the pirate ships you’ll want to wait one to two turns after about floor 20. But we aren’t worrying about that for now. Now that you’ve got your Super Hero (that doesn’t need to be level 9999 naturally, we’ll be doing that in next guide).

If you need some angel shoes this is the spot to place your Rosen Queen Shop to get them! You are welcome.

If you need some angel shoes this is the spot to place your Rosen Queen Shop to get them! You are welcome.

It is essential that you put your Super Hero on the Nether Express Evil Symbol. His job is to run to the end portal of every level. If you find that there is a gate guardian then you plop the nether express terminal right next to them (if possible). Once you’ve done that a (rather easy to miss) option of “board” will pop up for anyone at the home base. Clicking it will teleport them to the location of the terminal. From there if they can kill the boss without moving (usually can) you can walk right onto the portal with that same character. The teleport does not use their movement!

At this point you do this for every level. I highly recommend walking into 100% of the mystery gates you see. What you’ll find on the other side is usually wonderful and/or funny. If you find yourself in a room with 7 monsters don’t talk to any of them unless you are certain you can kill all of them. They will immediately attack you. Also collect all the level spheres you see as you go along. You do this simply by picking them up and holding them as you walk through the gate (or after you kill the last enemy on the level). Why you ask?




He gives you a list of legendary only rare items! The more spheres you have collected the better the items he’ll give you. You get to collect all of them too and they don’t actually cost spheres. After a while (I believe 100 or 150 spheres) you get a legendary puppy paw stick! It’s pretty sweet. Also keep an eye out for this fella on your way down the item world. I saw him between floor 80 and floor 100.


He sells you the tickets you need for our previous guide on collecting Puppy Paw Sticks.

Now you might be wondering why I said you desperately need the discipline room? It would appear in Disgaea you can only steal one item per level by conventional means. Which is ok, I guess. But what do you do when this pirate ship arrives?


Sweet Baby Jesus! Look at all those rare items! If you are trying to get the achievement for collecting one of every item this ship is going to cause you to do terrible things to your pants. But if you are like me and forget to have your discipline room the only moisture you’ll be feeling is tears. I stole a rare megaphone at least before the game kindly told me I had a 0% chance of stealing anything else.


Edit: I can’t for the life of me figure out why I had a 0% chance after that first steal. Since then I’ve been able to steal multiple times each level. Additionally I’ve found that stealing from the back heeds better odds than stealing from the front. I had a 1% chance to steal from a level 9999 pirate from the front and a 99% chance to steal from the back. That’s a ridiculous difference but something to keep in mind.

But I digress. What you do is just start throwing these bastards into your base and subdue each and every one of them (if you have enough levels to do so). Once you’ve power leveled this’ll be one of the most effective ways of mass collecting items. Although I suppose I haven’t been paying attention to see if they keep their items upon subduing. I’m fairly certain they do.

Edit: To further lament my amusing errors. You do not appear to get the items when you subdue someone. At least I don’t see them unless they are going into my inventory. So yeah, still I like to subdue monsters to interrogate for pirate parts. So there IS that at least.

Alright lets fast forward and presume that you’ve got your item to floor 100. Presumably at this point you want to start collecting statisticians. The only way you can get them is from reverse pirating. A cool little mini version of the item world. But you better not have done it yet, I swear to betsy, we need to dupe it first! You are going to want 9 Bio-Suits at about level 50. Somewhere around here they learn “Run Wild” which turns them Neutral. That’s the trick to this whole rodeo show.

Equip your Bio-Suit with the item you want to dupe. Feel free to put any (all?) of your unlocked and merged innocents on it. Each time we duplicate this item you’ll have copies of them too! Be sure to equip Valvatorez with the Puppy Paw Stick.

Next you want to go to the very first level of the game. Line up your Bio-suit with the equipment and tell him to Run Wild. After that hit him with Tyrant Flughude (special moves actually work)! If you don’t get a duplicate go into the menu and click “Retry”. If you DO get the item then leave the map, equip your next Bio-Suit with the new one. Go to the Clinic and heal your now dead Bio-Suit!

Return back and put out both characters. Repeat until one of them drops the suit. Your odds are twice as good now. Put that new one on your third BS. Heal up, repeat. Keep doing it until you have 9 copies of your item. Then go into the Item World NPC and start merging your Innocents. There are some things to consider here! You can easily lose your innocents if you don’t.

Innocents with a Max Pop of 19,998!
Coach (SPD)
Dietician (HP)
Gladiator (ATK)
Hard Worker (ATK & INT)
Marksman (HIT)
Master (SP)
Muscleman (ATK & HP)
Nerd (INT & SP)
Patient (DEF & RES)
Physician (RES)
Pugilist (ATK & HIT)
Sentry (DEF)
Sniper (HIT & SPD)
Sprinter (ATK & SPD)
Tutor (INT)
Innocents with a Max Pop of 500.

Cane Man (Staffs)
Deadeye (Guns)
Eros (Bows)
Fencer (Swords)
Fist Fighter (Fist Weapon)
Guardian (Armor)
Lance (Spears)
Lumberjack (Axe)
Monster Hunter (Monster Weapons)

Innocents with a Max Pop of 300.

Broker (Money Bonus x Population)
Manager (Mana Bonus x Population)
Mentor (Skill EXP Bonus x Population)
Statistician (EXP Bonus x Population)

300 Population means 3x bonus. It stacks too. So 24 stacks of 300 is a bonus of 72x! (I usually don’t stack them on the weapon but you can for an additional x24!)

Innocents with a Max Pop of 100.

Aeronaut (Wind Resistance)
Alchemist (Poison Chance% x Population)
Amnesiac (Amnesia Chance% x Population)
Coffee Maker (Sleep Resistance)
Cryophile (Ice Resistance)
Firefighter (Fire Resistance)
Gangster (Deprave Chance% x Population)
Hypnotist (Sleep Chance% x Population)
Lose-Lose (More EXP for those that defeat you, Use mostly in Multiplayer)
Mediator (Merges Stat Innocents)
Medicine Man (Paralysis Resistance)
Pharmacist (Poison Resistance)
Professional (Critical Chance% x Population)
Psychologist (Amnesia Resistance)
Social Worker (Deprave Resistance)
Teacher (Boosts Specialists by 5%)
Witch Doctor (Paralysis Chance% x Population)

Innocents with a Max Pop of 25
Fusion Lover (Fusion Strength Up!)
Magicchange Lover (Magicchange Up!)

If you notice that merging one of your innocents would break this cap you should go do it immediately and be cloning full stacks of an innocent rather than partials! Also try not to be wasteful. If you have 50 innocents work of Fusion Lover you should take 25 of them and merge. Store that, and merge the other 25. Otherwise you’ll merge 50 of them and get 1 stack of 25!

Once you’ve got a stack of 10 or more of your item you can then begin reverse pirating! Save before you pirate. You are looking for Statisticians. Once you find some of them put them on an armor and start cloning them. Once you have a stack of 300, clone it into two stacks of 300, then two stacks of two stacks of 300. Eventually until you have 24 stacks of them. Now put them on three pieces of your duped armor (hopefully armor, duping weapons might suck now that I think about it). Your character will start leveling so quickly that you’ll lose your mind.

IMPORTANT Puppy Paw Stick Stealing Note: The PPS has a stealing rate of 10%! This means that it’ll start off very slow and you’ll think it is not working. But as long as you are setting your enemy to Run Wild before you hit them and you are wearing the PPS the game is rolling the steal for you! Just make sure you only put the item you want to dupe on a character and only one of them. You’ll never steal more than one item per character killed at a time.

Figure you have a 90% chance to fail. So if you have only one BS you are looking at a failure rate of getting a single item at 90%.
Two BS? 81%
Three BS? 72.9%
Four BS? 65.6%
Five BS? 59%
Six BS? 53%
Seven BS? 47.8%
Eight BS? 43%
Nine BS? 38.7%

By the time you have 9 guys out there is a 61.2% chance that you’ll get at least 1 of your item! That’s pretty good! Given how quickly you can click retry and such that means you can do what I did and fill every innocent slot in your bank in under an hour. Then scratch your head and say “What do I do next?”

But more on that tomorrow! I’ll be writing a power leveling guide still and we may get a more in depth guide on how to absolutely own reverse pirating :). Who knows! (I know? Maybe)

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