Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Early Game Power Leveling

Alright, just as I did with Disgaea 4 I will begin writing guides for various parts of this game that I find interesting enough to write about. The first, as you may have guessed from the title, is an early game power leveling guide that only requires you make it to the second world (and however far until you get the cheat shop, I think that’s around the same time or shortly thereafter in early Episode 3).

The trick to grind maps is finding a map with XP bonuses and little to no distance between you and the enemy. Luckily you get this VERY early into Disgaea 5 and it’ll help to grind you up to around level 60 in no time flat (anything beyond that is a bit of effort). You could, in theory, find the level of cheat shop where the enemies have 33 as their level (to combine three into 99) but I find that just grinding it out at whatever your max star limit is works best. So which level are we talking about?

Looks good so far!

Looks good so far!

A nice small level! Naturally we need to know what the >inside< looks like. The enemies could be all over the damn place, that would be incredibly unfortunate. Luckily they are grouped together! Perhaps it is cold or maybe they are just really good buddies, it is called Companion Zone after all. [Likely intentional to hint to its purpose.] [caption id="attachment_6469" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]If you destroy the symbol in front of your starting portal, and then the symbol to the right you'll convert everything to +50% EXP. If you destroy the symbol in front of your starting portal, and then the symbol to the right you’ll convert everything to +50% EXP.[/caption]

You have two choices at this point. You can either have +50% player buff, which is great if you want to overreach against higher level enemies. Or +50% exp, if you want to maximize your output. I prefer the former because I can create a tower in front of the +50% enemy buff, destroy it, end turn and have them come to me. Then I simply tower attack each person to give my entire tower experience. This works great for grinding out new characters, grinding out sub classes, and even generates a respectable amount of HL.

Don't use the giant group option when doing this. The tower special attacks are sometimes critical for killing the zombies at higher levels (for a bit).

Don’t use the giant group option when doing this. The tower special attacks are sometimes critical for killing the zombies at higher levels (for a bit).

Once you have tower laser you should be able to one shot the zombies, the imps will die very fast. The biggest danger in this level is poison from the Zombies, but once you increase them far enough they’ll stop using their poison attack and start using the zombie beam attack. It’s pretty much meaningless, especially if you keep upgrading the gear on your tower base. I used Killia and Red Magnus interchangeably.

Eventually you should unlock a group that allows for giving 10% of the EXP of the leader to all the members. This is >amazing< with the grind above. Especially if the people in the group are not only in the group but also a part of the tower. And that's that! I finished all the way up to the 1 million HL quest doing this, its relatively fast, and fairly fun. Once you've unlocked the curry shop you can use the beef buff (if you wish) which should negate just about any damage you take. I have yet to find a custom curry that gives regen, once I do I will mention it here or elsewhere in the guides. Grind that up to 100 days and then eat it to make this even faster. That said, I'm now looking for the "mid game" grind level. Thus far I'm at episode 8 and have not found it. I've been using the item world to level legendary trinkets which is incredibly fun. This might be the best iteration of the item world yet. More to come! Thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave comments below, if Disqus doesn't betray me I'll be sure to get back to you!

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    • Aw, I never saw this comment. I didn’t actually time it but if memory serves this is the kind of thing you could do while eating lunch.

      Ultimately it pays to just wait for a few more levels and get the cheat shop, since you can then raise their level.

      But yeah, I’m guessing you are saying it would take forever because you didn’t try :p.

      • Mnstrzero00

        It seems like a ridiculously boring way to get to level 60. You could kill higher level enemies and get to level 60 in less time. You could do research. There are better ways of getting to level 60 and you say that yourself in other comments on this page. What’s the point?

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  2. Michael Bootes

    I always just throw both the positive stat geo’s into the middle and the negative offbest of both worlds

    • True. For me this was a matter of speed. It quickly becomes irrelevant once you get the Martial Training maps. That’ll be the next bit to write about.

      Also, arguably, the research missions will level your people faster than this does. I ended up having them pass me up while I was grinding this :p.

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