Robocop, Roboroach, and Roboats!

//Robocop, Roboroach, and Roboats!

Robocop, Roboroach, and Roboats!

I was told by my darling wife that not having a sidebar is so incredibly egregious an error that there are literally web designers dying every time my website gets a hit. I will be having it return once I resize it to something I can accept. But until then enjoy the wideness! Let the lines carry you along on a wonderful journey left to right.

Darn! I had finished the post almost and it crashed. Well I suppose that’s how things go! Anyways, I’ve been working on a little side project where I record myself playing games and I try to talk while I’m playing. The general reason is therapy for me, it helps break down that knot in my stomach that forms anytime I’m talking with people in person.

In text I love talking, its great, but for whatever reason the last few years have been pretty tough on my in person social fitness. I suspect part of it is the relentless stress of working at my job. It really does devour your soul bit by bit. But we can discuss that some other time.


It was fun! The fidelity on the video is terrible. I’m going to try a few tricks like running an Ethernet instead of going over wireless N (and maybe altering the encoding process). I highly suggest this though, people might down vote it or crap on it but that’s part of the creative process. Letter the bitter beans get through so that you can brew from the good bits in the back. Or something, basically just ignore the shitty people, they’ll break a leg or something sometime and the universe will be balanced once again.

I noticed something relevant on twitter.

  What in the holy hell! :o! You maniacs! You blew it up! Oh, damn you! Super cockroaches are coming people! They do not know fear, they do not know death, they are forever and they are coming for your souls!

Yes Roboroach eats souls!

They taste like tangerines.

Also because I teased “Roboats” (a clever little portmanteau if I may say so) I decided to Google images it and give you the most relevant image I saw without scrolling.

meet the Roboats__600_450_q50

  Um…make of it what you will I guess.

You are welcome.

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