A Sandwich from the Internet  This week we’ll be taking a dive into the wonderful world of making your own lunches. The idea is fairly sound, we spend about 13 dollars a day (with 10 of it subsidized by our jobs) at a sandwich shop. The food is tasty, the people are very kind, but in the end that’s still a lot of money every week. So this week we are going to try and build our own sandwiches.

  We bought bread, tomatoes, onion, pickles, turkey, chicken, and honey ham, as well as some fairly nice local bread that was also on sale (probably because it is set to expire soon, but historically bread lasts a long time for me).

  The total cost for the first trip also included some longer shelf life stuff, which brought the cost up to about 5 dollars a sandwich. This is just by taking the total cost of the trip, dividing it by 2 to get the cost of an individual persons sandwich fixings and then divide by 5 since that’s the predicted lifespan of the purchased goods.

  This is obviously highballing, its considerably cheaper by likely about 2 dollars, but at the 5 dollar mark we’ll save $1.50 a day, $7.50 a week, and 30 dollars a month by switching to this system. Likewise if we make crock pot spaghetti next week that’ll save us scores of cash while also mixing up our diet.

  Additionally I’m willing to bet our selection will result in a more nutritious meal than from the Sandwich shop, as much as I like them I understand the decisions that are made in order to maximize profits.

  Once we know how much of any specific ingredient we need and work out how much excess leads to actual loss from decay it’ll be quite easy to figure out the best way to eat healthy while not spending a grip. Also considering we get subsidized 5 dollars a day for food and it would cost about 5 dollars to make that puts us at 0 dollars to eat lunch each day.

  I’m also a large fan of food I prepare, call it a bias, but I tend to think I make some pretty tasty food.

  I’m not sure where this will go, but if we keep it up I might post additional updates over time.

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