Save Bad News for Fridays

//Save Bad News for Fridays

Save Bad News for Fridays

  Naturally every step forward requires that I take two back. We’ll determine what is up by Monday but I am unfortunately warbled by money. I don’t like warbling, it is a terrible state to be in. I realize that the word actually involves birds and singing but I can assure you that when a human feels it they are not in any mood to sing.

  I’ve noticed a strange pattern of stress for me. Anytime something induces stress the only real relief for that stress is days away at the earliest. Terrible ill? Well you’ll be waiting weeks to find out if you are dying. Car making a funny sound? Prepare to have no idea what is causing it for ages. Income lower than you were expecting? Find out just how bad it is in over 72 hours.

  That’s a long time. I remind myself that everything will be ok but it still eats me up. I would like to be ignorant to it frankly. Inevitably I expect that everything will be ok but for now I am naturally quite nervous. Normally you’d turn to someone to calm you down when you are nervous. But with the exception of Venus everyone in the house is more nervous all the time than I am.

  Ah well. At least Jean-Claude Van Damme is playing bongos.

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