Searching for the Creator

//Searching for the Creator

Searching for the Creator

  For what seems like the entirety of the human condition our species has tried to find its creator. Some have turned to exploration while others have turned their backs. The politically correct approach to this news is to just accept that both options are equally valid and equally nutritious to our evolution. I most certainly do not agree with this, I’m willing to accept that people cope with different profound questions in different ways and I’m willing to accept that I won’t always agree with how people approach certain issues nor what becomes their conclusion.

  It is important for us to always be shaking up our minds, your brain is this essential muscle (in a sense) that moves the very thing that is you forward. If you sit forever your body will atrophy and become largely useless, your brain is no different. Any conclusion that leads a person to cease poking at possibilities is a negative conclusion. If there is any certainty in the entirety of the universe is that, at least at this time, it appears that there is no certainty.

  There is nothing noble about mental stubbornness, its probably one of the worst sicknesses to have ever been suffered upon our species. To be equipped with such an incredible capacity for understanding and to waste it on something so trivial and, quite frankly, cowardly.

  It’s ironic then that there have been factions of this worldly choice that have actually been correct, or at least basically correct. The Japanese, Syrians, Hindus, Egyptians, Norse, and More. Each of these and quite a few other faiths have had a Sun God, it was not necessarily their creator or the most important of their gods but it is remarkably spot on.

  Ever atom that we hold dear, every little bit of our own personal universes are the remains of dying stars. Ancient giants of the heavens that lived and died long before we ever took a breath, long before our oldest ancestors and their oldest ancestors ever existed even in the most minimal of fashions.

  Billions upon Billions of stars exploded sending their bits all across the universe. A fertile dust of elements flooded this endless sea that we call the universe. Carbon, Calcium, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen, these things make up something close to 99% of our very mass. A marriage of time and circumstance, a beautiful ballet of energy and mass spanning a distance of both time and space utterly incomprehensible.

  So many people have been searching high and low for their creators, for these massive all powerful heavenly beings and in a remarkable moment of exquisite simplicity and beauty the answer has been right in front of their faces. It’s been in front of all our faces, bombarding our eyes every day and tantalizing them with every clear night.

  Many have believed that the stars were their ancestors watching over them, in a sense they were not far from correct. It may seem trivial, to think “what if life was just here”, but think for a moment about all that it took for life to exist at all. The amount of raw power, fuel, and time. It took an entire universe to power us, we are the children of the very stars and we crawl around on a tiny fragment lost in the sea.

  It’s beautiful and its very real. Occam’s Razor has hit an interesting point. But I hope people appreciate the sweet poetry of people looking to the heavens to find their creator and it has been, in a sense, staring at them in a very real way for the entirety of their life.

  The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars. – Carl Sagan

  If humanity really wants to meet its creators, it merely need to wish it strongly enough and put forth the effort. 400 hundred billions progenitors of life float around the Milky Way, just waiting for us to overcome our fear and ignorance.

Milky Way

  And once we do, such advances will have been made [by necessity] that humanity can truly, if it chooses so, live at peace of mind and body. No longer restricted by weakness, no longer endangered by a rogue stone or disease, we will be free to advance like the stars for time innumerable and perhaps beyond.

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