Six Easy Pieces Mini Review and Thoughts

//Six Easy Pieces Mini Review and Thoughts

Six Easy Pieces Mini Review and Thoughts

  So I’m just finishing up Richard P. Feynman’s “Six Easy Pieces” and figured I’d give a thought, initially at least, of how I feel about it. This is a solid book, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the topic. Feynman is famous for being able to speak in a way that makes you feel like you “get it” only to find yourself after the lecture completely lost. He was a man who was entrancing in every sense of the word.

  This book highlights that in extraordinary ways, it makes you feel like you are an expert for the entirety and you will likely finish it realizing that you have barely looked at the pool of physics, let alone dipped your toes in its waters.

  One of the interesting notes in the book is that while Entropy is a universal truth nature does not appear to give two squats about it. This is not something I’ve thought about before, but think for a moment about the “importance” of life. The sun produces energy in (for the sake of discussion) equal parts in every direction, the sun is a sphere, and the Earth is quite small. All of this means that for every 2 billion parts of energy the sun produces only one of that hits the Earth. The other 1,999,999 parts of energy just travel off into space.

  Fancy that! How important are we if so much energy is wasted. Nature does not appear to care, nature merely exists. We float threw space like a great whale filtering tiny little bits of this massive sea of energy between our briny baleen. It makes me think further of all those little tidbits people laugh at. Anytime you hear about what some religion or ancient people thought was the truth, where the sun came from, where our position in the universe was, how planets moved, etc. All these things that we laugh at in our modern times (well some of us), it is important to note something about those beliefs.

  If those people were actually living in a universe that was designed, they would be right. Those things people believed (even down to a flat world) all make intuitive sense because if you were designing something to merely be used by a little creation of yours, you would not need all these complicated systems.

  Churches had every right to be so adamant about how wrong science was, because if their beliefs were true (that is to say their textbooks) then their beliefs about the universe at large would very likely be true, it was a sensible assumption based on insensible foundations.

  Sometime this week, maybe tomorrow, I will discuss this further because I think it requires a bit more extrapolation. The falsities of our past would make perfect sense if the belief structures they were founded from were actually correct.


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