I’ve somewhat failed for today, but I am planning to start sleeping much earlier than I have been lately. It’s become something of a problem I’ve noticed, a big part of it is probably linked to all the excess light that comes off of electronics.

  As a child my room was pretty much pitch black, consoles had no light, my VCR had no light, the TV had no light, that weird on rails printer had no glow of any kind, all my handhelds had no glow. Once night hit it was time for darkness, our neighborhood was also somewhat less paranoid than most and featured very few street lights. My room was not lit by any of them.

  I could literally leave the window blinds and curtains open at night and see nothing but the glow of the stars in the sky. Falling asleep at this time was so remarkably easy. My addiction to gaming then was much greater than my interest in just about anything now and even with that I could manage a reasonable schedule. The only thing that ever seemed to screw it up was the expansion of the internet, once my family figured internet was worth investing in they got it for all the rooms in the house. This was, in a time when there wasn’t much to look at, the end of my beautiful sleep schedule.

  Even now I’m sitting next to a lamp that is outputting white light, I’m not sure if this is better or worse, perhaps I should turn it off, but even if I do I’ve got the high glow of an LED monitor staring back at me. The crisp detail of these characters only further reminds me that I am confusing the heck out of my body. My eyes continue to send the signal that it is daylight out and my brain runs at high alert.

  So yes, I’m going to try my hardest to start getting to bed earlier. A project that is incredibly difficult with my horrid work schedule. 10AM-7PM assures that I will be busy for all the waking hours of the day, given time to eat, wash, and not much else before I get to bed. It’s something of a tragedy, not just for myself, but people as a whole. I wonder who first convinced people that working 5 days a week made sense? It does truly seem like we work so much because nobody was willing to sit down and optimize the operations that keep us all moving and alive.

  Our system of Commerce is built upon a bunch of overlapping functions that do not sync well with one another. It’s like playing a game that was coded by hundreds of thousands of different people over the course of centuries, and in the end the product provided is poor and doesn’t scale well for neither time nor populations.

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