Smugness towards electric cars is misguided

//Smugness towards electric cars is misguided

Smugness towards electric cars is misguided

  You’ve met them in your work place. Heck you’ve probably got them in your own family. The people who see or hear about an electric car and say something super smug like “Oh I wonder where they are getting that energy? Oh right! A power plant! I’ll stick with my Ford F1500 Quad Cab Long Bed Double Diesel Octo Exhaust Pickup.”

  When I first heard this I remember part of my brain melting and the expensive hospital visit that followed. Occasionally I hear something that is so blissfully stupid that it actually causes physical damage to me. A bit like Siren from the X-men.


Bro…that’s Banshee not Siryn.

  The notion that something is pointless just because the entire infrastructure to make it meaningful doesn’t yet exist is incredibly asinine. When I break my arm the drive to the hospital isn’t going to fix it. Neither is the doctor visit. But that cast I put on and time are going to be very critical.

  Each individual step is not going to fix the problem itself. If I put the cast on myself I’d have a mutant arm shaped like a lightning bolt. If I just drove somewhere I’d probably earn the nickname “Gimps”. A doctor without supplies will be able to console me but I doubt we’ll be MacGyvering a solution.

  It is true that using an electric car at this time will still require power from a power plant. But ask yourself why are gasoline powered automobiles so effective? The reason is that their energy source is universal. Electricity is even less diverse than gasoline. It’s pure and sexy and if I could fire it out of my fingertips I would be so happy.

  Once you move cars off of gasoline you can begin renovating the refueling system. Replace gas stations with power hubs at every parking spot. Replace oil, coal, and natural gas power with modern nuclear power or any of a number of increasingly more efficient renewable options.

  It does not fix the problem immediately but a larger electric automobile base will speed advances considerably. Business as it is goes where the money is and if there is a lot of money in electric cars you’ll start seeing an awful lot of Dr. Doom looking capitalists flooding into the clean energy industry to get a piece of that pie.

  Sure at the end of the day they are doing it because they are soulless heartless money sucking scumbags but if the thing that is making them money is good for everybody I can’t complain.

  If I needed a kidney and someone gave it to me only because they figured I’m worth more alive I’d never complain about it. I’d have that kidney and be a happy happy person.

  Electric cars are a very good idea. Renovating the united states to maximize its electric car support could easily be the modern new deal. Once the project is done you end up with a ton of people who are certified in everything from concrete laying to electrician work. An educated work force can better handle the many technical jobs that are opening up and not being filled.

  Not everyone can work at Costco or Wal-Mart.

  A large national fund towards developing the next generation of batteries creates an incentive for people to go to college in science and mathematics instead of business. Because honestly when most of my graduating class is business I can’t help but feel like the future is (to be hyperbolic and silly) pretty fucked.

  If you hear someone being smug about electric cars it is important to point and laugh. Maybe from a distance because people with that kind of mentality are probably the same kind of folks who will hit people who embarrass them.

  Electric cars don’t fix the world but they do a whole hell of a lot more than standard gasoline cars. There is very little to them that is not a vast improvement over conventional vehicles. The insistence towards sticking with an old technology because the new one is not a panacea is caustic and will only serve to ruin progress for entire generations of people. 

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