Social Anxiety

//Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

  Had maintenance at work again yesterday which meant no post. I probably could find a small bit of time to post them before midnight but I find it quite difficult to get into the mood when I’m exceedingly tired. Writing daily is quite an interesting task because I have to find things to want to talk about. At the end of the day it isn’t a guarantee that anyone will read any of this, but I don’t think that’s my actual goal…perhaps a pleasant secondary effect.

  We had a dinner to wave off two of the employees who work with me. As usual it was an awkward affair that reminded me that while I do enjoy humanity and would like to see it thrive that I am still a socially awkward individual. I do not really posses extroversion without some proper environmental modifications. Magic cards, video games, or debates will generally work but otherwise I would much prefer to just be an observer or to work from the sidelines.

  In closing, since I should get some sleep, I have absolutely nothing against people drinking. But this will not change the fact that few things annoy me more than drunk people. Once you flip off that inhibition control, people turn into something that must be great for other extroverted people, but for myself its just an uphill slog that I would much prefer to go the rest of my life avoiding.

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