Social Websites are Ingenious Monetary Engines

//Social Websites are Ingenious Monetary Engines

Social Websites are Ingenious Monetary Engines

  I don’t plan to talk all that much today. I’m pretty tired and still recovering from relocating. I suspect that I’ll be writing every lunch this week to make it in time for the end of NaNoWriMo. I’m about 7K words behind because of the move days but that’s not impossible.

  It’s not great but not impossible. Even if I don’t finish by the end of November I can still finish by early December which isn’t bad. Until then I wanted to mention something that popped into my head earlier today. Facebook and websites like it are ingenious if you are looking to make easy money.

  With something like this website I have to manually update each day for there to be any content at all. Content drives visits and visits drive revenue. But what if I just build the infrastructure that motivates other people to post here instead. Then I can just sit back and have others do all my work for me. After that I simply take in the cash they raise for me and laugh madly.

  Naturally you’d need to spend some of that money to build anti-spam systems but the revenue you’d generate should always outshine your investment unless you are doing something wrong.

  Just some food for thought, I’m a bit envious that I didn’t think of this income model myself. These websites are basically the tree that money grows on.

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