Standing on a Dock

//Standing on a Dock

Standing on a Dock

Standing on a dock

Thinking this was the end

Good times were had

Time to be sad

He feels the hollow coming back

grasping hands of depression

making no concessions

tapping of the stone

no longer alone

whipped around by a word

meeting her face to face

broke the darkness

with a single embrace

So alien an action

he had no reaction

she ran off into the darkness

leaving this warmness

a tingle in his soul

she had filled the hole

so much light it blinded him

all was as it should

beginning of something good

thought this was the end

but he made a friend

unexpected revelation

Standing on a dock


So yeah my mother in law asked me what happened that sparked the wonderful 6+ years of time I’ve now spent with her daughter. While I admit that moment is largely a blur of confused emotions and an entirely (at the time) alien feeling deeply within me this is what I do recall.

I, of course, could not fit in how a Kraken took out the ferry we had ridden over on. Perhaps next time? Washington is crazy like that.

  For those of you who may have just suffered through that poem, my apologies. I didn’t exactly pay attention in English (or at all).

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