Starbound gets my brain juiced.

//Starbound gets my brain juiced.

Starbound gets my brain juiced.

  I’ve started playing Starbound and it really is a beautiful game. The music is stunning, the aesthetics are one part cute and one part breathtaking, and the gameplay is nothing to sneeze at. For me though what really strikes home is the name. I imagine when they wrote the name they were thinking about giving the visual feel of space exploration but for me it harkens to the reality of space travel at its core.

  We are likely for all time to be star bound. The immense energies that these bodies radiate out provide us with the necessary sustained power to fuel entire planets worth of people. They are the closest thing we have to an actual heavenly caretaker. Just like the biblical lords of old they can take away life in great cataclysmic events as easily as they can keep life sustained.

  Space exploration will likely be a matter of bouncing from star to star. Much like on a personal level we currently bounce from home to home across the surface of the Earth. Each time our new home hopefully providing us with a slight improvement over the previous or at the very least making our professional lives more reasonable. On a stellar scale this would still be true. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t suspect that space commerce will ever really exist (we’ll try but fail), but on the broader scope of resource management and acquisition I do suspect we’ll still see this star hopping.

  Every time I load up Starbound I’m filled with a sense of wonder. I imagine the future and all those people bouncing from solar system to solar system. Eternally Starbound.


Did I mention this gets me juiced to try and write “Lost in a Sea of Stars” fully? Well it kinda does…

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