Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.0 ~ Matter Manipulator MK

//Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.0 ~ Matter Manipulator MK

Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.0 ~ Matter Manipulator MK

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Today we had some great progress! Time to talk about what I did and what is coming soon. There were very few hurdles today, basically only one, but I got lucky and found someone with the same issue online. Let’s establish what the mod will do I suppose.

The goal is a total conversion of the game. The first step was shifting the game from the unusual decision to have mining picks as your primary tool for mining and moving to the matter manipulator. For those of you that don’t know what the matter manipulator is…well…


It’s pretty awesome but mostly forgotten in the game currently. This is totally unacceptable, what we want is a Matter Manipulator (herein called the MM) that can be leveled up in the game. I needed to decide how many ranks I wanted to add and why. I decided to align it with the rare valuable ores of the game. Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, while also including the original for a total of 6 tiers (thus far).

The name has changed too…The Matter Manipulator is now known as the Matter Manipulator MK I (or MM MK I for short).

It’s also not an off orange color because reasons…


Nice! A good solid metallic color for the base unit. But what about the other colors? You got anything for that? …Yes I do! Thanks for asking!


  From left to right you have Copper (MK II), Silver (MK III), Gold (MK IV), Platinum (MK V), and Diamond (MK VI). Each of these has their power level established by the equivalent jump between the ranks on the mining picks. The math for that worked out to MK I –> MK II (+36% Stronger), MK II –> MK III (27% Stronger), MK III –> MK IV (21% Stronger), MK IV –> MK V (17% Stronger), and finally MK V –> MK VI (14% Stronger). The grand total speed increase from the original MK I to the MK VI is +115%. That’s a pretty noticeable improvement in game.

Furthermore when you upgrade from Gold to Platinum you will notice that the device is destroying 4×4 squares instead of 3×3 (which is an improvement over the default 2×2 which was just insulting).

What problems arose during this first day of mod work? Mostly getting my visuals aimed properly. If you are curious my install directory looks like this –>


12/14/2013  04:46 PM    <DIR>          .
12/14/2013  04:46 PM    <DIR>          ..
12/13/2013  09:02 PM    <DIR>          items
12/14/2013  09:15 PM            11,028 player.config
12/14/2013  05:02 PM    <DIR>          recipes


12/13/2013  09:02 PM    <DIR>          .
12/13/2013  09:02 PM    <DIR>          ..
12/14/2013  09:15 PM    <DIR>          tools


12/14/2013  09:15 PM    <DIR>          .
12/14/2013  09:15 PM    <DIR>          ..
12/14/2013  08:53 PM             1,157 beamaxemk1.beamaxe
12/14/2013  09:21 PM             1,145 beamaxemk2.beamaxe
12/14/2013  08:53 PM             1,146 beamaxemk3.beamaxe
12/14/2013  08:53 PM             1,166 beamaxemk4.beamaxe
12/14/2013  09:21 PM             1,143 beamaxemk5.beamaxe
12/14/2013  09:21 PM             1,145 beamaxemk6.beamaxe
12/14/2013  07:45 PM             2,965 ggmk1.png
12/14/2013  07:49 PM             3,050 ggmk1_icon.png
12/14/2013  05:52 PM             3,402 ggmk1_large.png
12/14/2013  07:45 PM             2,992 ggmk2.png
12/14/2013  07:56 PM             3,064 ggmk2_icon.png
12/14/2013  03:54 PM             3,431 ggmk2_large.png
12/14/2013  07:45 PM             2,959 ggmk3.png
12/14/2013  07:56 PM             3,049 ggmk3_icon.png
12/14/2013  04:06 PM             3,394 ggmk3_large.png
12/14/2013  07:46 PM             2,984 ggmk4.png
12/14/2013  07:56 PM             3,065 ggmk4_icon.png
12/14/2013  04:10 PM             3,472 ggmk4_large.png
12/14/2013  07:46 PM             2,971 ggmk5.png
12/14/2013  07:55 PM             3,073 ggmk5_icon.png
12/14/2013  05:37 PM             3,397 ggmk5_large.png
12/14/2013  07:46 PM             2,954 ggmk6.png
12/14/2013  07:55 PM             3,061 ggmk6_icon.png
12/14/2013  05:39 PM             3,422 ggmk6_large.png


12/14/2013  05:02 PM    <DIR>          .
12/14/2013  05:02 PM    <DIR>          ..
12/13/2013  01:33 PM               206 beamaxemk2.recipe
12/14/2013  05:06 PM               209 beamaxemk3.recipe
12/14/2013  05:02 PM               209 beamaxemk4.recipe
12/14/2013  05:03 PM               209 beamaxemk5.recipe
12/14/2013  05:02 PM               209 beamaxemk6.recipe

A bit messy I admit but I’m trying to work on that. You’ll notice that I have all the necessary images in the “items\tools” directory. For a bit today I was noticing that my modded items were invisible in game and while this looked very amusing it was hardly helpful. I finally stumbled upon a tip for how to direct your mod to find files.

We’ll use the original beamaxe as an example.

“itemName” : “beamaxe”, //This is the unique itemID for the game to load. Must be unique for each item.

“inventoryIcon” : “ggmk1_icon.png”, //This is the image for the item in your inventory. No directory needed if its in the home directory of the item.

“dropCollision” : [-4.0, -3.0, 4.0, 3.0], //These are the 4 corners of the objects hit box.

“rarity” : “Legendary”, //This is the rarity, not sure what this really does other than change a subtext prompt in game.

“maxStack” : 1, //The maximum number of the item you can have in a stack.

“description” : “Manipulates anything that matters.”, //The description when you hover over the item.

“shortdescription” : “Matter Manipulator MK I”, //The name of the item in game.

“largeImage” : “ggmk1_large.png”, //The image under the description when you hover.

“inspectionKind” : “tool”, //Not entirely sure on this. Keep it to what your item is.

“category” : “Tool”, //Same as above. I believe this is important with crafting filters.

“fireTime” : 0.25, //How long a “cycle” of damage takes. Lower means faster.

“blockRadius” : 3, //The X by X square this object does things in the foreground.

“altBlockRadius” : 1, //The X by X square this object does things in the background? Mine still does 3 so…

“twoHanded” : true, //Is the item two handed? True or False?

“critical” : true, //You can’t delete this item, presumably.

“strikeSound” : “/sfx/tools/pickaxe_hit.wav”, //The sound effect it makes when damaging things.

“image” : “/items/tools/ggmk1.png”, //The image of the item in your hand. Notice my directories.

“endImages” : [ “/humanoid/any/ball.png”, “/humanoid/any/tileglow.png”, “/humanoid/any/4tileglow.png” ], //These are the three animations of the laser. The ball is the tip of the beam, the glow is the beam color (I think) and 4 tile glow is the square of effect glow.

“handPosition” : [-2, 0], //Where in your hand it is. I believe the first digit is your x coordinate and second is the y.

“firePosition” : [5, 0], //Where the item fires from. Same as before, presumably in game the values mirror if you turn around.

//Everything below this I haven’t touched yet. Most sound pretty self explanatory.

“segmentsPerUnit” : 1,
“nearControlPointElasticity” : 0.1,
“farControlPointElasticity” : 0.9,
“nearControlPointDistance” : 0.9,
“targetSegmentRun” : 1,
“innerBrightnessScale” : 20,
“firstStripeThickness” : 0.2,
“secondStripeThickness” : 0.05,
“minBeamWidth” : 1,
“maxBeamWidth” : 5,
“maxBeamJitter” : 0.06,
“minBeamJitter” : 0.0,
“minBeamTrans” : 0.1,
“maxBeamTrans” : 0.4,
“minBeamLines” : 1,
“maxBeamLines” : 5


Notice up with the image I have it showing a longer directory. When I didn’t do this the item would look in the wrong folder for the image and my character would just point everywhere. If you ever find yourself having invisible items or other bugs check the Starbound home directory for “Starbound.log.” It will tell you what item you broke and how. 99% of the time it will be because you forgot a , or have too many ,’s, or you forgot a ) or ] or you have too many of these things.

When I say 99% I mean like 99.998% of the time. Anyways, if you want to try out this mod I’ll upload it to the download section here sometime after this post goes live. I just need to clean it up and add a readme for how to install it.

I may make it compatible with a mod installer in the near future. Maybe. But for now I just want to make it work. Keep in mind the resource needed for all 5 upgrades is a single copper ore, this is for testing and by design. I will balance the resources necessary once 100% of the item work is done.

Similarly item art may change in the future, they are based on the bars that make the items.

Download 1.0 Here!

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