Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.1 ~ Fuel Refinery

//Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.1 ~ Fuel Refinery

Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.1 ~ Fuel Refinery

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[Version 1.0 Post Here]

  Another productive day! If we are to assume that Starbound takes place in some magical future where people can travel faster than light, then I suspect we should also assume that our ships are not powered simply by coal and unrefined wood.

With that in mind I’ve created the Fuel Refinery!


There is an astounding amount of energy stored in matter. If we had some kind of futuristic system that could convert matter into energy with very little lost to refinement we’d be looking at amazing avenues opening up to us. Naturally this is the first version of the system and it only converts dirt into Condensed Energy. You might be asking yourself…what is Condensed Energy?

Another new item of course!


Condensed energy currently have the same fuel ratio of coal (1 unit for 2 fuel). It takes 10 dirt to create a single condensed energy. This may change in the future but for now I just needed it for testing. The Fuel Refinery (herein FR) currently requires a single copper ore. Why? Well simply put I’m testing and making it tough to get would be silly! It is also available from the crafting table but is likely to move up in the world, perhaps to the anvil or to a new crafting tool entirely! The stares are the limit, after all.  2013-12-15_00004

Version 1.1 brings with it a few more revisions! The first is that all the starter quests give the user the Matter Manipulator MK I instead of the Matter Manipulator! Additionally I’ve changed the cost of each device from a single copper ore to 2 bars of their equivalent!

In terms of difficulties I think the hardest part was figuring out the animation system for this game. I suppose I’ll explain it real quick for anyone else who wants to make custom items.

Each object has a .frames file associated with it. In this file you’ll find something similar to my refinery as such:

“frameGrid” : {
“size” : [17, 32], //How wide and how tall is the image, including transparent squares.
“dimensions” : [3, 1], //How many frames are there? I don’t know what the second coordinate does.
“names” : [
[ “default.0”, “default.1”, “default.2” ] //Add enough defaults for each of the frames. I only have 3 frames so I only have 3 defaults starting from 0.

“aliases” : {
“default.default” : “default.0” //You probably don’t or won’t want to be changing this.

This is how I understand it and the image works flawlessly in game. I’m going to try and add some smoke coming out of the top in the future but I suspect that would require far more than 3 frames to not look tacky :). I’ll see if there is a smoking item in game currently and then check how many frames it is. Expanding this item to say 6 or 12 frames would not be difficult, it would just be mildly time consuming which is less than ideal in my life.

Changelog 1.1

Tutorial Quests give Matter Manipulator MK I not Matter Manipulator
Matter Manipulator MK II now costs Matter Manipulator MK I + 2 Copper Bars
Matter Manipulator MK III now costs Matter Manipulator MK II + 2 Silver Bars
Matter Manipulator MK IV now costs Matter Manipulator MK III + 2 Gold Bars
Matter Manipulator MK V now costs Matter Manipulator MK IV + 2 Platinum Bars
Matter Manipulator MK VI now costs Matter Manipulator MK V + 2 Diamonds
Added Fuel Refinery to the Crafting Table (Currently Costs 1 Copper Ore)
10 Dirt == 1 Condensed Energy [Which is the energy equivalent of 1 Coal for Fuel]

Download 1.1 Here!

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