Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.21 ~ Matter Converter MK 2! & Tweaks

//Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.21 ~ Matter Converter MK 2! & Tweaks

Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.21 ~ Matter Converter MK 2! & Tweaks

  Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I last updated! I’ve got big news on the front of “The IOS Mod”, namely that its’ been updated to the latest version of Starbound “v. Angry Koala”. Not only that but we have some changes to the mod!

  It has been made more mod friendly and now does minimal changes while still getting you the same great flavor that it provided before! If you want to use this with other mods it should be compatible with basically everything! Let’s cover what has changed!

  The Matter Manipulator is now still available in game! The opening quest will give you that instead of the Matter Manipulator MK I. But you must be wondering “How do I get that then? :/” The answer is simple: At the Crafting Table!”


  Once you have that the rest of the MM MK’s can be upgraded at the Anvil just like normal! Next we move on to the Matter Converter! It will now convert things at a quantity of 100 to 1 (except for raw wood which is 1 to 1). This helps balance it out a lot because I found myself generating hundreds of energy every few minutes.

  Additionally the Matter Converter is now listed as an Object instead of a Tool. Same with the Matter Converter MK II.

  What’s that? You don’t have the Matter Converter MK II? WELL NOW YOU DO!

2013-12-29_00045   The quantity of stuff you need to put in is unchanged but this bad boy produces 2x the energy! Time to explore the galaxy! Or whatever…

  It requires 5 Silver Bars and 5 Iron Bars. This does not currently require your regular Matter Converter. So yeah, go try it out! Anywho, I’m getting tired and I think I’ve updated enough on what is…well…updated :o.

  You can find the latest IOS Mod at the Nexus! Or if that is down you can grab it on my downloads page!

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