Sunday with the Assassins

//Sunday with the Assassins

Sunday with the Assassins

 humpday  My Sunday has been fairly productive. Purchased a PS Vita today, they have an offer on Amazon for Mortal Kombat, The Vita, and a 4 GB Memory Card for the price of the Vita itself. I’ve been on the fence but this was enough to sell me on it. It also helped that I had 60 dollars in discounts to add on top of the sale price.

  I also cleaned the Kitchen (roughly 70%), Vacuumed the living room (pretty good but our vacuum sucks), and done most of our laundry (only towels and bedding remains). All this while tutoring a brotherhood of Assassin’s in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I’m very impressed with the game so far, it really seems like each time they make a game they find everything missing from the previous and stuff it in. Or they find something that was a pain in the ass in the last one and they repair it.

Towering Above

    I think once I have finished Revelations I will review the entire Arc of Assassin’s Creed II. You can’t really review one game by itself, they are all three part of a fairly tightly woven tapestry. At least I presume that will also be true for Revelations.

  The lead character is easy to like and his cadre of allies are fun to be a part of. I find myself impressed that they made the bad people easy to hate and the good people easy to like. Almost every game I play I find myself loathing many of the good characters. Yet here I am, in Rome enjoying myself deeply, and next year I’ll literally be in Rome. So I consider this practice.

Take the First Step

  So, I think, since my laundry is still not finished I will return to this wonderful land of Italia, see what other adventures I can manage before fatigue and the bitter reality of the work week consume me.

Becoming a True Assassin

I find myself so proud whenever one of them graduates, its like being a good parent.

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